Hey, New York: Airbnb wants to get you in bed

By Adrianne Jeffries and Russell Brandom

Paul DiCesare has hosted more than 100 Airbnb guests over the past three years and even started a service that helps other hosts manage their listings. He was happy to talk to The Verge about Airbnb’s new ad campaign — “It’s kind of cheesy” — and a raucous town hall meeting with users in May — “It was awful” — but when asked to see the listing for the Dumbo apartment he shares with his wife, he suddenly got shy. “With all the heat right now with Airbnb, we want to be as discreet as possible,” he says.

Airbnb has made a huge splash in New York — 416,000 visitors a year, according to the company — but it’s now facing a big backlash. Some estimate that as many as two-thirds of the hosts in New…

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