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Free handwritten fonts have been gaining popularity recently. Coming in various styles, they can be the typography of choice for you. Want to make your writing look more personal, unique and appealing? You’ve found your answer. However, there are a lot of handwritten fonts (both free and not so much) available online. It’s easy to get lost. That’s why we’ve decided to pick the most outstanding (and free!) solutions and share them with you.

Handwritten fonts became popular in the 19th-20th century. These were widely used among people who were working in the advertizing field and wanted to add personal touch to their works. This approach is still alive today. A lot of templates and custom designs are done with handwritten fonts.

Alongside with cursive and script styles, the history of fonts counts many other types that emerged under the handwriting history — like sans serif, traditional and modern. As we’ve said, it’s easy to get lost. And we’re here to cover you.

Benefits of Using Handwritten Fonts

There are so many ways of making your web project remarkable, and handwritten fonts are among them. Before the time of computers and the Internet, people were mainly using their handwriting in making posters, announcements, letters, etc. Though not everyone likes using handwritten fonts, claiming that these look a bit childish, there are many web developers who know the true benefits of refreshing their works with this type of writing.

  • Handwriting adds personalization to your works. Personalization means a human touch. And people love that.
  • Modern users prefer skimming to reading. That’s why is important to capture their attention and make them stay on your page. Using handwritten fonts you can make any text, commercial or any other data catchy. You will be able to increase readability of your posts and draw user eye to the areas that matter.
  • Each of us has his/her own writing style. Everyone is unique, just like their writing. Featuring various curves, swirls, straight lines, etc. handwritten fonts will make each line of your text look special and elegant. Your readers won’t be indifferent.
  • Such fonts are widely used in marketing. You may have noticed that famous brands like Coca Cola, Disnep, Ray Ban, Chupa Chups and others make use of handwriting in their logos. Being simply readable and pleasant to the eye, these logos have the ability to stick in people’s minds for long.
  • Handwriting creates a feeling that something is happening on your site. Web designers are often using this technique to highlight discounts for some items and offers.
  • Using handwritten fonts for writing long posts may be heavy for the eyes of your readers. However, if you add handwriting to specific areas of your text that require special emphasis or use it in notes, you will no doubt help users focus on the things that matter.

In a word, handwritten fonts can really add some personal, unique feeling to your texts. No matter what goal you are using them for, these are the proven way to catch the eye of your readers, make them stay on your web page, and keep reading further.

30 free handwritten fonts for commercial use

There are so many handwritten fonts available for download. However, not all of them can be used for commercial purposes. We have decided to handpick 30 amazing free handwritten fonts that you can safely use in your own web projects. Each of the examples listed below comes with a direct download link. Just click it, download the font, and refresh your own web design with something cool and appealing.

Ready? Let’s go


Scriptina Fonts


Eutemia I font


Otto font


Little days


Still time font


Elvish ring NFI font


Dancing script


Vanlose handwritten


Alanis hand font


Christopher hand




Jo wrote a lovesong font


Penguin attack font


Standard Nib Handwritten


Toms Handwritten




Krazy Nights


Dymaxion Script




Burlington Script


Belligerent madness


Soft sugar


Yesterdays meal




Amatic SC


Bedtime stories font


Butterfly kids




Faerie moot ornate


Kirby no kira kizzu brk

Make use of the aforementioned free handwritten fonts to make your project more original and versatile. We hope you found this post helpful and would save this page for future time to download these awesome fonts to use in your personal and commercial projects.

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