Amazing flying machines made of cardboard


Daniel Agdag is an artist from Melbourne who has creative and intellectual talent of making things from cardboards. It’s really magical and amazing to see his creative work of scrupulously complicated cardboard sculptures of unbelievably delicate and complex industrial flying machines.

His work truly originates from the unassuming medium of cardboard and glue. His industrial imaginings are presented in the form of meticulously executed, forming delicate, alluring and often hypnotically complex sculptures. A process he describes as ‘sketching with cardboard’, as they are created intuitively by hand without detailed plans or drawings. His work has been described as architectural in form, whimsical in nature and inconceivably intricate. His cardboard practice has even lent to an award winning short films screening worldwide, garnering a ‘Dendy Award’ and AFI nomination

The below listed amazing sculptures of flying machines were from the series “The Principles of Aerodynamics” which are being displayed at Mars Gallery, Windsor, Australia, from 8th to 31st of August, this year. All these work are made from cardboard which are cut into intricate pieces using a surgical scalpel and assembled intuitively by hand using a plain, well-known brand of wood glue without detailed plans or drawings. Have a look at these awesome masterpieces.





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