10 inspiring typographic designs

There is a typographic quote which says, “Over thinking kills your happiness.” This is indeed true. Don’t let yourself in the maze of thinking for creating something which is already in the market. All you need to do is little bit of research and get some inspiring typographic designs for making your design stand out. Today, we have the collection of top 10 inspiring typographic designs for all the designers out there.

This is the collection of new type of gallery with mixed typography, calligraphy and lettering designs. Let’s have a look!

1. Chill

This chilled typography design is by Jordan Metcalf.


2. Handiwork

This handiwork is by Josh Warren.


3. For Dirty Times

For Dirty Times is a very long time work that took almost 6 months to get the client to sign off the line.


4. O’Neill

This is a chopstick type of O’Neill by Ray Dombroski.


5. Sex On The Beach

This beautiful hand lettering & illustration is by Xavier Casalta.


6. Black Bones club

Designed by Jerome Beguier who works under the name Zics, the name of his first graffiti pieces back in 2000 is a graphic designer at advertising agency, Karmarama by day and an illustrator and artist by night.

black bone club

7. design museum/ Wim/ Crouwel/ a graphic/ odyssey/ 30.03 – 03.07 2001

This is a poster Designed by Philippe Apeloig featuring the text “design museum/ Wim/ Crouwel/ a graphic/ odyssey/ 30.03 – 03.07 2001″ printed in black with white dots arranged against a light gray background and darker gray grid.


8. Table Tennis

This is a piece of burnt calligraphy by Tania Saenko for her favorite game.

table tennis

9. SubCulture Cyclery

This innovative typography is available here.


10. Dont Be Afraid

A very creative typography design by Sel Thomson.


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