9 Free jQuery JavaScript Shopping Carts

Shopping cart is the most important and most crucial element of any eCommerce website. Shopping cart is something that allows online users to add different items that they wish to buy to the cart so that they can be billed accordingly. Shopping cart is mandatory because without a shopping cart, you cannot purchase anything on the internet.
In this compilation, we are presenting 9 free as well as premium jQuery JavaScript shopping cart to make your work easier. These jQuery javaScript shopping carts are one of the most light weight shopping carts and easy to integrate on any HTML or WordPress based website. Here is the list. Enjoy!

Smart Cart

Smart Cart is a flexible and feature rich jQuery plug-in for shopping cart. It makes the add-to-cart section of online shopping much easy and user friendly. It is compact in design, very easy to implement and only minimal HTML required.


Add an Ajax shopping cart to your website with optional PayPal checkout.Built with jQuery PHP, jCart is open source software free to use on any site.


The minicart is a great way to improve your PayPal shopping cart integration. One simple change and your users will be able to manage their shopping cart directly from your website.

Product Colorizer jQuery Plugin

productColorizer is a light-weight solution for users to quickly preview a product in different colors. The plugin uses only two images per product to create the effect and it is built on top of the robust and popular Javascript framework jQuery, providing you with an easy setup.

Ajax Paypal Cart Jquery Plugin

AJAX PayPal Cart is a easy to use JQuery plugin for web developer to add a full function shopping cart in their website.

An AJAX Based Shopping Cart with PHP, CSS & jQuery

In this tutorial we are going to create an AJAX-driven shopping cart. All the products are going to be stored in a MySQL database, with PHP showing and processing the data.

Super Shopping Cart with JQuery

Building a drag-drop shopping cart

In this tutorial, we will show you how to build a shopping cart page which enables users to drag and drop the products they wish to buy.

How To Create A Simple Multi-Item Slider

A tutorial on how to create a simple category slider with a minimal design using CSS animations and jQuery.


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