Zack Snyder just revealed the Batmobile for ‘Batman v. Superman’

Ben Affleck has quite a ride. It was always going to be hard to top The Dark Knight‘s Tumbler, but the Batmobile in Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman puts up a pretty solid fight. Seriously: check out that weapon on the front. You can see the photo in high resolution over at Imgur.

Set photos of the Batmobile leaked earlier today, and clearly, Snyder wasn’t happy with them. He just published this new photo on Twitter, and it’s evident that his Batmobile is far better looking than it appeared in those earlier grainy shots. This shot’s photographer, Clay Enos, even calls out the poor quality of the earlier images. “iPhone photography is great,” he writes, “but some things deserve more.”

The movie doesn’t come out until March 25th, 2016,…

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