Totem, an indie Oculus Rift competitor, promises better virtual reality — but needs money

There was a chorus of skepticism back in March when a Montreal-based startup announced its Oculus Rift competitor Totem, a virtual reality headset that features a camera over each eye. The startup, Vrvana, had little to show for its work other than renderings, and the announcement came shortly after Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR, the crowdfunded company behind what is arguably the most successful virtual reality headset to date.

Some called the Totem vaporware; others called it a scam. “Prototype or it didn’t happen,” one cynic said on Reddit in response to an interview by Vrvana’s CEO. “Sounds like a bunch of crud,” echoed another.

Six months later, the Totem protoype is here. After showing off a brief demo at the 2014 Game…

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