We Need Nothing to Collide


Russ Chimes, the London based producer, remixer and DJ is back where he belongs with his new EP Sula. Continuing a trend, Chimes has teamed up with superior video wizard Mark Wheeler to create the immense new video for Chimes’ latest release entitled ‘We Need Nothing to Collide’.

The video is the culmination of a series of visual sounds experiments that overlap each other to create realtime visuals taken directly from Chimes’ latest tune. The experiments can all be used for live performance, as well as choreographed animation. Experiments 1 & 2 shown after the jump were created using live MIDI notes, BPM and CC values to create visuals with a tightness to the music that wouldn’t be possible with only audio data.

Everything is driven by custom openFrameworks apps linked to an Ableton Live set and MIDI controllers. A monome running Mark Eats Sequencer is also featured in some of the experiments.

For the shoot, the setup used was a 5000 lumen projector running from a car via an inverter, and shot with a Canon 5D. It proved a little unreliable but portable and manageable enough to get what was needed. Getting just the right amount of sunlight easily became the most critical factor while shooting.


“I’m really interested in the idea of ‘visual instruments’ – instruments that create visuals and sound simultaneously, with both elements affecting how you play them or what dials you tweak.”

Mark Wheeler


“At first we planned on shooting at more wild, natural locations. However, after doing a test shoot in suburbia we realised there was something quite magical about the projections transforming these more mundane settings. Of course, it’s also fun watching the reactions from passersby (or, sometimes, their ability to ignore huge projections).”

Mark Wheeler


Check out more of Mark Wheeler’s magic over here.
And listen to the rest of Russ Chimes over on his Soundcloud page here.

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