Nusii Giveaway – Winners Announced

Our recent Nusii giveaway has just ended, and it is now time to announce our 10 randomnly chosen winners.

Each of our three lucky winners will be walking away with a Nusii account. Here are the winners:

The Winners

By now you should have received our winner confirmation email, if not please do get in touch with us here:

  1. Name: Phe Le
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  2. Name: Rouge Digital
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  3. Name: Simon Depelchin
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About Nusii

Nusii is an online proposal service, and it’s launching today!

Nusii is an online proposal service aimed squarely at design professionals like your good self! And what’s more it’s brought to you by one of our very own authors Nathan Powell

Nusii is on online proposal service aimed squarely at design professionals

If you’ve ever had to draft a client proposal then you know what a nightmare they are. You throw away countless billable hours writing the damned thing, have no idea if the client has even opened it, and nearly lose the use of your fingers to “copy, paste syndrome”.

Nusii believes in simplicity. All non-essential elements have been stripped back, helping you write and send proposals in a fraction of the time. You’ll
have all your “hit” content in one place, starter templates, reminders to follow up with prospective clients, and an editor that just “gets out of the way” (think Medium :)

Nusii gives you back all those non-billable hours lost to proposals…and it’ll impress the heck out of your clients too.

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