I rode an electric unicycle through the streets of New York City and it felt like the future

I commute to work every day using a skateboard. I skate from my apartment to the subway, and then from the subway to work, and vice versa. It’s fast and it works, but I’m still on the hunt for the best personal EV. Hell, it’s almost 2015 — where’s my hoverboard?

For the last week I’ve been living with Focus Designs’ self balancing unicycle (SBU). I’ve been commuting to and from work with it (getting through subway turnstiles with the SBU is akin to having a small suitcase). I’ve taken it along the East River, to Brooklyn, over the Williamsburg Bridge, and through Central Park.

I’ve used other futuristic rideables, like the Zboard and E-Go Cruiser, but this was my first interaction with a unicycle — motorized or not. Riding the SBU…

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