The 9 scenes you should watch in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ fan remake

You’re at work. You’re busy. You don’t have two hours and eight minutes to watch the entirety of the fan remake of The Empire Strikes Backreleased today on the official Star Wars YouTube page. It’s okay. I’ve selected the ten scenes worth skipping to for people in a hurry. But let’s be serious, once you begin watching this video you — like me — probably won’t stop.


A recreation of the Battle of Hoth made of computer-animated party balloons, this scene is cuter and squeakier than the original.


Briefly, R2D2 is played by the IKEA monkey. The fan project is full of pop culture winks and nods, including an abundance of video game references. Shortly before this scene, a cheeky Mortal Kombat joke flashes in the…

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