20 Things Organized In Neat And Creative Manner [PICS]

There’s a hashtag on Instagram called #ThingsOrganizedNeatly. Under the hashtag, you’ll find a plethora of images that users took of things arranged neatly, almost obssessive compulsively even.


If you hadn’t known about the hashtag, you might have come across a Tumblr blog that collects all these pictures. Chances are if that’s not the case then you may have seen the photos circulating the World Wide Web. But if you’ve somehow just never came across any of the images, you’ll now get to see these 20 pictures showcasing various things organized neatly.

Medieval armour. Who needs a proper museum type display when you do this? Definitely more interesting. (Image source: The Telegraph)


Bottle caps. A simple yet creative way to keep tabs on all the bottle caps. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Tomatoes. Photographer Emily Blincoe arranges them beautifully by gradient. (Image source: Emily Blincoe)


Cereal. Some people have too much time on their hands. Or maybe they’re just a bit loopy. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


After beachcombing. Trash has never looked so fascinating (or colorful). (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Flowers. Ursus Wehrli likes to take things apart and rearrange them like this bouquet of flowers. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Burger. Or more accurately, a deconstructed burger arranged in a grid by Pete Forester. (Image source: Pete Forester)


Toys. This is too cute to not include in this list. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Clothes. Phil Cohen knows how to keep things classy and stylish with his arrangement. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Tools of trade. Architect Patrick Bradley knows that he’s a valuable tool as well. (Image source: Patrick Bradley)


Eggs. Photographer Sam Kaplan decided to change things up in this arrangement. (Image source: Sam Kaplan)


Camera. It’s interesting to see the various parts of an old vintage camera laid out neatly. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Classic video games. Consoles and cartridges for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. (Image source: Jim Golden)


Pastels. Okay, so they are not supremely organized but close enough. And still pretty. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Chillies. This massive collection showcases Tabasco chilli peppers from Dan Bigelow’s garden. (Image source: Dan Bigelow)


Things to take for a vacation. Or a day out at the beach. I like that it’s color coordinated. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Rocks. Emily Blincoe features her aunt with her rock collection arranged around her. (Image source: Emily Blincoe)


Art supplies. What would I give to have all these art supplies that Olivia Serrill photographed. (Image source: Things Organized Neatly)


Band. Brazilian rock band Johnny Flirt were photographed with their instruments and equipment. (Image source: Matheus Pena)


Display wall. This exhibition wall resides in the Museum für Naturekunde in Berlin, Germany. (Image source: Museum für Naturekunde)


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