Microsoft’s latest Mac vs. PC ad recruits Lenovo to fight the MacBook Air

Microsoft reignited the classic Mac vs. PC war back in August by targeting the MacBook Air in its new Surface Pro 3 ads. That attack is continuing today thanks to a new ad that features Lenovo’s new Yoga 3 Pro. Microsoft places Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air head-to-head with Lenovo’s Yoga 3 Pro, initially highlighting the 17mm “thickness” of the MacBook Air vs. the 13mm “thinness” of the Yoga 3 Pro. Most of the ad then focuses on the flexibility of the tablet, touchscreen, and tent modes of Lenovo’s latest convertible, with Apple’s laptop failing to “dance” in amusing comparisons. The dance-off ends with the MacBook Air admitting it’s “game over” and closing its lid.

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