FontCast #19 — Mark Simonson

FontShop’s David Sudweeks sat with type designer Mark Simonson at TypeCon 2014 “Capitolized” in Washington, DC to talk about Mark’s work from the early days, submitting his first design to the ITC review board by mail in the late 1970s, to his ways of perceiving and working with original design ideas.

FontCast #19 — Mark Simonson from FontShop on Vimeo.

A few of the typefaces discussed include what later became Kandal, one of Mark’s first digital releases, and Coquette, a rationalized, upright script mixing the disparate influences of the handwritten French script, and geometrics such as Kabel or Futura.

The day after this interview, Mark spoke at TypeCon, sharing an amazingly well-documented and intimate look at his first contact with offset print production running a high school humor paper focused on pushing the boundaries of the medium, and of course, getting laughs. See his talk, The Romance of Offset, below.

Mark Simonson — The Romance of Offset from SOTA on Vimeo.

Mark Simonson is an independent typeface designer and font developer who works out of his home studio in St. Paul, Minnesota. He occasionally takes lettering assignments and font commissions and very occasionally writes. Most of his time is spent making new typefaces for the retail font market. Mark’s more well-known works include Proxima Nova, Coquette, and a digitized version of his own handwriting, Felt Tip Roman.

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