13 Really Useful HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery Search Form Tutorials

Adding search box or search functionality to a website gives its users the power to search for their required information in an easy and fast way. Therefore, adding a search box in the website has become one of the prime elements of web designs, and almo s. Search box goes along with navigation of the website and helps in several different means as well. Adding a search box to the website user interface makes it user friendly and of course, easy to explore.

Below, we have collected 13 useful CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery search form scripts that help you create a search box from scratch. We hope that this compilation will prove to be useful for you and let you understand exactly how to create search bar with accurate functionality. Enjoy!

Pulsating CSS3 Input Search Box

Input search box with borders and shadows throbbing like pulses.

Suggestions Search Box in pure CSS

This is a really simple tutorial on creating an expanding suggestion search box build with use of Pure CSS.

Expanding Search Box with CSS

The expanding search box is simply a search box that gets wider as soon as you click on it or type something in it.

Expanding Search Bar Using CSS Transitions

We’re going to make a search bar that expands with CSS transitions. The search bar is initially hidden from view, and when you click the search label, it smoothly expands into view.

Client-side full-text search in CSS

Using data- attributes for indexation, and a dynamic stylesheet with a CSS3 selector for search, it is straightforward to implement a client-side full-text search in CSS rather than JavaScript.

Create a Drop Down Menu with Search Box in CSS3 and HTML

In this tutorial, we will be creating a flat style navigation with a search box and dropdown menu from the Square UI.

How to Code an Expanding HTML5/CSS3 Search Input Field

In this tutorial We want to demonstrate two different methods for building an expanding search field. The first is using basic CSS3 transitions which are only supported in newer web browsers.

Fancy Search Box

This is a fancy search box i made out of boredom. feel free to use it.

Search Bar Animation


Kind of a search box which suggests selectable search criterias, like categories of a shop.

jQuery and CSS3 “Next Level” animation Search Form

Basic jQuery Search/Filter

Flexible Search Box

A flexible search input with an internal fixed-width submit button and fixed-width border.


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