Don’t be fooled: the CES meme generator is not a meme generator

CES, now less than a month away, is the kind of week to inspire camaraderie and in-joking — some of which made it into our daily liveblogs in 2014. It is also a week of awkward corporate attempts at coolness, beginning with the International CES Tumblr, which starts strong (with an astronaut walking a tiger on the Moon, for some reason) and then stumbles into a sludge of blurry animated gifs and image macros. Many of the latter were made through the site, so when the event’s social media team put together the “Official 2015 International CES Meme Generator,” you might understandably expect them to have produced, well, an actual meme generator.

You would be wrong.

A meme generator (or image macro generator, if you want…

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