LG bets on webOS and a quantum-dot picture to help its new 4K TVs stand out

Last year, the most notable thing about LG’s TVs was the software running on them: webOS. LG had just picked up the corpse of the former mobile operating system and repurposed it for the living room. The resulting user interface was a step above what other TV manufacturers had on offer at CES 2014. It was refreshing and fast, with clear traces of the software that many former Palm users still miss today. As for the TVs themselves, they were okay — but didn’t do much to stand out from a crowded field including Sony, Samsung, and Vizio. Now LG’s back with a 2015 lineup that’s all about 4K and, if you believe the company, improvements to picture quality.

Prepare for another 4K TV rush

LG has already rolled out a few 4K TV models this year…

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