11 Creative SVG Animation Tutorials

The best and the most amazing thing about SVG is that it is independent of resolution, hence you don’t have to worry about how many pixels your device can offer, the final result will always be scaled and revamped by the browser to look considerable. Other than that, SVG is not only a tool for the creation of static graphics, but also a handy tool for animation. In this post, ten tutorials are collected that will surely help you learn how a SVG animation can be best for you website

Making a SVG HTML Burger Button

Exporting SVG for the web with Adobe Illustrator CC

A Look Into Scalable Vector Graphics

How to Add Scalable Vector Graphics to Your Web Page

Polygon feature design: SVG animations for fun and profit

From Illustrator to the Web

Export from Photoshop to SVG

Using SVG

Animating Vectors with SVG

Using SVG stroke Attributes

Animating SVG with Clipping


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