Here’s that poop emoji button-up shirt you always wanted

You’ve got a date tonight and you don’t know what to wear. You’re going downtown, to a new restaurant. It’s classy, but relaxed. You reach for a suit —

No, too stuffy.

You grab a sweater, press it against your chest as you frown in the mirror. That won’t work. A T-shirt? No, too casual. You scan your closet, looking for something refined yet comfortable, something stylish yet understated. Then you find it. You pull it from its hangar, button it up, look in the mirror. The poop emoji shirt. It’s perfect.

The poop emoji shirt — a short-sleeved button-up shirt proudly emblazoned with hundreds of grinning poop emojis — is currently being crowdfunded on BetaBrand. The $ 75 shirt, made with lightweight cotton and featuring textured…

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