20 Free Web Design Ebooks from 2014

In this article we have collected a selection of web design related ebooks that have been released this past year, 2014. And the best thing is that all of the ebooks are avaible for free!

Just as we do with all of our free ebook posts, we have opted to not offer a critique of each book, only a brief description of the content. Anything else would be an insult to each of the authors that have spent so much of their free time writing a specialized web design book and then allowing it to be read for free. Each book only deserves praise and appreciation.

Adaptive Web Design by Aaron Gustafson (HTML)

Adaptive Web Design

Written by Aaron Gustafson and just recently been released for free, Adaptive Web Design delves into the origins of progressive enhancement, its philosophy, and mechanisms, and reveals the countless practical ways that you can apply progressive enhancement principles using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript..

Magic of CSS by Adam Schwartz (HTML)

Magic of CSS

Written by Adam Schwartz, the Magic of CSS is an ebook that will introduce you to some of the trickiest aspects of CSS. It includes chapters on the box model, layout, tables, colour, typography and transitions, and does include interactive examples.

The UX Reader by MailChimp (ePub, PDF & Mobi)

The UX Reader

The UX Reader ebook is a collection of the most popular articles from MailChimp's UX Newsletter and also includes some exclusive content.

HTML Canvas Deep Dive by Josh Marinacci (HTML)

HTML Canvas Deep Dive

HTML Canvas Deep Dive is a hands on introduction to Canvas from Josh Marinacci. The book has been organized into 2 sections: First, there are the reading portions where it describes how an API works (with interactive examples), and then there are the hands on lessons that will walk you through the process of building your own canvas apps.

Pocket Guide to Writing SVG by Joni Trythall (HTML)

Pocket Guide to Writing SVG

The Pocket Guide to Writing SVG offers a detailed introduction to building SVG online. It has been written for designers and developers that are looking to quickly add SVG to their workflow.

Speaking JavaScript by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer (HTML, PDF & ePub)

Speaking JavaScript

The Speaking JavaScript ebook teaches beginners just enough JS to help them be productive straightaway, and for seasoned JavaScript programmers there's a detailed reference guide that covers each JS feature indepth.

Pro Git 2nd Edition by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub (HTML, PDF, ePub & Mobi)

Pro Git 2nd Edition

The Pro Git eBook, know in its second edition, covers basics of Git as well as advanced topics such as branching and running distributed Git.

Google Web Fundamentals (HTML)

Google has released a new handbook for web designers and developers called Google Web Fundamentals

Google Web Fundamentals is an essential collection of information about modern web design and development.

The Little Book Of Modern Frontend Tooling (HTML)

The Little Book Of Modern Frontend Tooling

The Little Book Of Modern Frontend Tooling is a free, work-in-progress, open-source book that takes you through the application development lifecycle and introduces you to the world of tooling for modern web applications.

11 Things to Do with Every New WordPress Install (PDF)

11 Things to Do with Every New WordPress Install

This ebook covers strategies and tips to start packaging and offering WordPress maintenance services to your clients.

WordPress Security – A Pocket Guide (PDF)

WordPress Security - A Pocket Guide

In this introduction to WordPress security you will learn some straightforward tips, and best practices for keeping your site safe.

The Guide to Wireframing (PDF)

The Guide to Wireframing

With over 100 pages, The Guide to Wireframing covers what makes a great wireframing workshop. It’s wireframing from the big idea to details: digital and analog tools, web and mobile design patterns sources, all concluded with design principles for people who build products.

The Guide to Usability Testing (PDF)

The Guide to Usability Testing

The Guide to Usability Testing includes 109 pages of practical explanations and tips for 20 usability testing methods, some useful advice from usability experts like Jakob Nielsen, Jeff Sauro, Dr. David Travis, and others, and also shares some best practices from companies like Apple, MailChimp, Yahoo, DirecTV, Buffer, and more.

A Guide to HTML5 and CSS3 by Ashley Menhennett

A Guide to HTML5 and CSS3

A Guide to HTML5 and CSS3 covers the basics of web development and it’s a great starting point whether your plan is to make websites, HTML5 mobile apps or games. Please note that you will need to signup to download this ebook.

Web UI Best Practices (PDF)

Web UI Best Practices

The free ebook Web UI Best Practices talks aboutsome og the techniques spanning visual design, interface design, and UX design.

The Guide to UX Design Process & Documentation (PDF)

The Guide to UX Design Process & Documentation

The Guide to UX Design Process & Documentation ebook looks at real-life examples of design processes from companies such as Apple, Amazon, Twitter, and more. Expert advice is provided by Cennydd Bowles, Louis Rosenfeld, Ash Maurya, and others on the 7 stages of product design.

The Guide to Mockups (PDF)

The Guide to Mockups

The Guide to Mockups by UXPin includes 72 pages of visual examples, explorations of fidelity, and best practices. You’ll also learn the differences between mockups, prototypes, and wireframes so you get a more practical understanding of where each fits into the design process.

Mobile Game Design by Chroma Coders (PDF)

The free and indepth Mobile Game Design (or, How to Start Your Own Mobile Game Company) ebook talks about the main mechanics for mobile game development, as well as "hidden game mechanics" you can use to stand out in the marketplace.

Building Web Apps with Go by Jeremy Saenz (HTML, ePub, MOBI & PDF)

Building Web Apps with Go

Building Web Apps with Go is an ebook from Jeremy Saenz that will teach you how to quickly build we applications with the Go programming language.

Email Marketing Field Guide by MailChimp (ePub, PDF & Mobi)

Email Marketing Field Guide

The Email Marketing Field Guide, from the guys over at MailChimp, covers the basics of HTML email and shares some tips and best practices you'll need to keep in mind as you develop your own email marketing plan.

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook v.3 (PDF & iBook)

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook v.3

Last year the popular ebook Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook was updated and released with over new 40 pages, as well as some updates to existing content.

…and finally…

You Have Too Much S**t by Chris Thomas (ePub, PDF & iBook)

You Have Too Much S**t

Written by Chris Thomas, You Have Too Much S**t is an angry self-help book for people who have far too much s**t. It does not offer gentle advice on how to de-clutter your life, instead it will 'kick you squarely in the face' to get the job done!

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