My First Sundance Diary Day 2-3: Oh, that’s supposed to be amazing

I’m getting acquainted with Sundance Hype, and now, on the morning of my fourth day at my first ever Sundance Film Festival, I think I’m ready to explain how it works.

Sundance Hype is like a game of telephone. We all arrive knowing nothing, but in an environment full of self-described insiders and reporters and Park City moms and other types of know-it-alls, having information becomes Goal #1 as soon as we hit main street. So you hear something — you read a tweet, you overhear a conversation on the shuttle — and the next time you find yourself making small talk in line or at a party and someone brings up a film you can say “Oh, that’s supposed to be amazing.”

With any luck, it is amazing, and the game of telephone helped motivate you…

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