Useful Tools and Platforms for Creating Websites

If you find yourself thinking that your web design business is going too slow, then ask yourself how to manage your time better and sign more clients. Are you taking too long to build websites?

That depends on what it is you have to do on each project, in order to please your clients. They most likely want their websites to be responsive and to look trendy. Do you have to find web hosting, as well? Connect e-mail listing? Come back a few months later to add a blog?

There’s no need to bring in left-brained people, or invest a lot of your precious energy into manual coding. You are much better served by focusing on what you do best. And that is creative website design. Get a good WordPress plugin, CMS, or website building platform to ace all projects in a flash, and on your own terms.


As a professional designer, you enjoy the design side a lot more than the development side of the equation. Webydo allows you to focus on what is most important to you, the creative aspect of website building.

Have you ever worked with an advanced web design platform that was made specifically for designers to build and manage websites for their clients? Give shape to websites in your browser with Webydo. Start from scratch with a blank web canvas, or use with a pre-set template or layout. Then it’s up to you and Webydo’s studio to create a beatuiful, responsive website for your clients.

Webydo also provides you with cloud-hosting and advanced features like a built-in CMS and the ability to bill clients from your dashboard.

Visual Composer

Do you think of web design as a hobby or as a business? It should be both. It should provide you with an income, as well as give you the pure joy to create something beautiful out of nothing. If you’re not visually-oriented, and you don’t take any pleasure in crafting unique designs, there are other ways to pay the rent.

Making websites with WordPress has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, when you create complex layouts, the classic editor is a pain in the neck. Visual Composer, on the other hand, is not. Save time and brain power by going from hours to minutes with a drag-and-drop function to build your page. Bottom line is that web designers are visual creatures by nature, and we like to work with visual-oriented tools.


If you have some level of programming knowledge, then you’re probably brandishing it with every chance that you get. And that’s OK, but it will cost you a lot of time when you’re working on a project. In the absence of development skills, you adapt. Next time you get started on a WordPress project, consider tile or card design. You can end up with a gorgeous website in minutes. Just use Qards.

Do you know how simple it is to add bits of content on cards, and use an in-line editor to modify them? Add text, images, media files, and when you’re done, lay your cards out to form the appearance that you want for your website. Designmodo gave us a code-free page building plugin that works with every installed theme.


Get out of your comfort zone. Take active steps to broaden your horizons this year, and find new ways to create websites. You can read as many blog posts as you can, but unless you actually apply the tips you read, you don’t move forward. See how it feels to work with a simple website builder like Sidengo.

Im Creator

If you want to get more work done this year, website builders give you all the shortcuts that you need. And you need shortcuts. The smoother the process, the better the results. You keep your existing clients happy, and you go looking for more (or you accept other projects from those who seekyou out). Im Creator cuts corners really well. Test it out, and see what it’s like to create a site from ground up, or base your website on a template for your client’s line of business.


Not all time-effective solutions for website building are tied to the browser. And not all of them take some time to get used to before you can actually start working. Download Macaw, and you have a familiar environment to create websites. It’s familiar, because it takes after Photoshop. You don’t have to watch any tutorials, and you can store elements in a library to use in the next projects.

Themify Builder

You can also go the route of geometric design to strike up a page very quickly. If your goal is to make a WordPress website, then Themify Builder is a helpful tool. Grab it for your theme, whatever that happens to be, or just get one signed by Themify. Then, it’s part of the package. Proceed to adding modules on your page. It’s a piece of cake. As we mentioned before, the new generation of page builders is shooting holes in the classic WordPress editor.

MotoPress Editor

Do you know what else is great about sparkly new tools for WordPress? That they help you assess your work in progress. Shorten the amount of time you spend to size everything up and understand the impact of your each and every move on the overall design. Use a content editor like MotoPress, and get a live preview window for the work you’re doing. Besides, you set up video or parallax backgrounds in a split second.

Market yourself well. Saving time during projects and using it to increase your client base is one thing. Convincing potential clients to convert into clients and then repeat clients is another. Strong partnerships are built in time. Let people know you have what it takes to make their websites come to life. Build your creative portfolio with AllYou. Fish out past works that got the most applause, and let them take center-stage. This is your first step to draw in more clients.


Website builders don’t limit your options so you can finish faster. On the contrary, they give you the means to get creative. Take the Zoho Builder, for instance. You can build page versions to your heart’s content. Construct as many as you wish, let your client choose which one to publish, and the others are copyrighted to you. Keep them for other projects. Save time in the long run.

Surreal CMS

When clients come back asking for redesigns, that’s fine. It’s great, actually. However, when they nag you to handle something as simple as content updates, then it’s bothersome. You could be using all that time to build more websites. Just introduce your clients to Surreal CMS, and let them edit some areas of content on their own. Track changes from time to time, and undo potential blunders.


Get behind website builders that have been confirmed by many of your peers. You want to make sure that you’re working with a reliable platform, after all. Don’t take your business to a builder whose customer support takes more than 24h to answer. For you, every minute counts. Moonfruit is a popular website builder, and it has a responsive customer service.


One-page websites are so easy to create. Try to fit more projects like this in your schedule. They’re also trending, especially for start-up clients. Explain the usability benefits of one-pagers to your clients (like the fact that they look and navigate really well on mobile devices). If they’re interested, enlist Onepagerapp and start working.


Speaking of start-ups, there are some website builders you can use specifically for this type of clients. Think about their needs. Think about your needs, for that matter, if you’re a budding freelancer. It’s crucial for small businesses to see how users engage with their websites. Reach out for a simple platform like Webs, with advanced analytics.


Think about it this way: the more features you find in one place, the less time you spend combing the markets for other assets you may need. Move forward with Website. You get a platform that is both easy to use, and equipped with a sizable collection of 1K stock photos.


So, can you tweak your working habits to become a better web designer? As long as you have a good tool or platform in your corner, you create splendid websites faster – and so have the time to work with other clients. Use these designer shortcuts to get more productive, and then reap the financial benefits.

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