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Build Your Own VIDDY Pinhole Camera: A DIY set for building a charming 35mm and medium format machine

Build Your Own VIDDY Pinhole Camera

It’s been over a year since the wild success of UK-based artist Kelly Angood’s “The Pop-Up Pinhole Project”—a Kickstarter initiative, for which she proposed a camera that buyers assemble for themselves, from card stock. It…

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Photographer Swallows 35mm Film – The Outcome is Awesome

35mm filmPhotographers Luke Evans and Josh Lake's project 'Inside Out' involves them swallowing 35mm film and the outcome is incredible. "The bumps, scratches, and marks left on the damaged emulsion surface from our bodies were examined through a scanning electron microscope." Both Josh and Luke are currently based in London and are studying BA Graphic Design & Photography.
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Build your own 35mm SLR Camera

There’s no need to get your hands dirty with this DIY SLR camera. Just click and screw it together in a few easy steps.


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