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Sony documents show Aaron Sorkin wanted Tom Cruise to star in Steve Jobs biopic

The development of Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming Steve Jobs biopic has been a troubled one, with the film ultimately being picked up by Universal Pictures after Sony unceremoniously dropped it last month. Now, emails leaked with the recent Sony breach reveal that Sorkin originally wanted Tom Cruise to play the lead role. However, it was the decision to go with Michael Fassbender that caused Sony to drop the movie altogether.

According to Ars Technica, Sorkin sent a series of emails on October 31st — just days before Christian Bale was officially out as Jobs— naming Cruise as the ideal choice, even saying he could put on a “dazzling performance:”

I just got off the phone with Danny who’s concerned about the age but I think I got him…

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Universal acquires Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic

Rumors of Universal Pictures taking over Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic have proven true. A studio spokesperson confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that a deal has been reached less than a week after Sony Pictures dropped the movie. Rights to the project were reportedly priced at over $ 30 million.

Slumdog Millionaire’s Danny Boyle will be serving as director, while Michael Fassbender has been attached to star in the film. Both Seth Rogen and Jessica Chastain are reportedly likely to join the cast, with the former in line to play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and the latter potentially taking on the role of Steve Jobs’ daughter. The film is based on Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography and was in development in Sony Pictures for…

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Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic dies at Sony, but it may find a new home

Aaron Sorkin’s highly anticipated Steve Jobs biopic has had an extremely rocky development under Sony Pictures, culminating last night with Sony choosing to simply drop the movie altogether, according to Deadline. That doesn’t mean that Sorkin’s film is dead, however. This is a high-profile movie with definite awards potential, so interest from other studios is likely. In fact, Deadline is already reporting that Universal is working to pick up the film. A deal is reportedly close, and Deadline even speculates that it could be finalized today — though that is yet to pass.

Last anyone has heard, Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle was attached to direct. The role of Jobs, which had previously been offered to Leonardo DiCaprio and…

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Get the classy Aaron script font for only $9


This beautiful and elegant font sports nearly 400 glyphs, OpenType features such as ligatures and stylistic alternates, and even comes in Webfonts. Just because it’s elegant doesn’t mean it’s expensive too! For a limited time, you can get the Aaron Script Font through Mighty Deals at over 70% off!





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Amazing miniature food artworks by Shay Aaron


Do you love decorating your room and kitchens with miniature food? If so then this blog is absolutely for you people. Here you will see varieties of creative miniature food by Shay Aaron who is a brilliant artist from Israel. Aaron makes the most astonishing miniature food artworks. The foodstuffs look so beautiful that we would desire to eat them. But actually you cannot eat them because they are not natural stuffs. There’s a whole market out there for miniature food and Aaron’s beautifully handmade designs of steaks, burgers, pies, vegetables, eggs and pretty much anything you can think of are just so mouthwatering.

Look at the below given images to see how realistic and delicious these miniature foods artworks are:










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Watch the trailer for Aaron Swartz documentary ‘The Internet’s Own Boy’

Those advocating for the reform of hacking laws have rallied around Aaron Swartz’s cause from the beginnings of his prosecution through his suicide last year while facing with the possibility of 35 years in prison. In the short time since, filmmaker Brian Knappenberger has created The Internet’s Own Boy, a documentary that traces Swartz’s early impact on the web and details his struggle with the government after being caught downloading a mass of copyrighted articles from the digital library JSTOR. The film premiered in January at Sundance, where Swartz’s father and brothers were around to speak about Aaron, his case, and his work. Its first trailer has just debuted, and the documentary itself will be released on June 27th.

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Interview: Aaron De La Cruz: The San Francisco-based artist on his new Ace Hotel mural and embracing imperfections

Interview: Aaron De La Cruz

by Eva Glettner Prolific artist Aaron De La Cruz was initially inspired to paint because he idolized his older brother. His now-signature style—which bounces from design, graffiti to illustration—is highly stylized and technical, blending influences from Mayan…

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Aaron Burr Cider: A true (hard) cider from locally grown and foraged apples in New York

Aaron Burr Cider

It makes sense that Aaron Burr Cider is made at a small Sullivan County, New York homestead farm, built in the early 19th century—since cider itself is one of America’s…

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Mind Blowing Miniature Food Sculptures by Shay Aaron

13Israeli artist Shay Aaron creates adorable and miniature food sculptures (many are a scale of 1:12) that look good enough to eat. The tools and materials that he uses vary, the most common being polymer clay. You can purchase his incredible creations to wear as jewelry from his Etsy store, from necklaces and earrings to rings and bobby pins. If you […]
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Vintage Illustrations and T-Shirt Designs by Aaron Von Freter

These vintage illustrations and t-shirt designs are by Aaron Von Freter, he has been designing graphics in clothing for 12 years and is currently living in Brande, Denmark.  I am very proud of being a self starter and I am proof that a combination of hard work, passion and skill can take you very far in this […]
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