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Apple won’t let you abuse its 14-day EU return policy

There was a lot of speculation around what Apple’s no-questions-asked return policy would mean for developers and other content creators after it was put into place in the EU last month, and now we finally have an answer: it probably won’t mean all that much, as Apple won’t let customers abuse it. It appears that if Apple detects too many refunds being made within a short period of time, it’ll cut off the ability for an account to return digital purchases. Presumably, refunds may still be made at Apple’s discretion — as they are elsewhere in the world — but the ability to get a refund anytime you want won’t be possible.

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To The Market: A New Online Platform for Conscious Shopping: All goods sold on the site are made by women survivors of abuse, conflict and disease, and in turn, help rebuild their lives through economic empowerment

To The Market: A New Online Platform for Conscious Shopping

While “conscious shopping” has become a buzz phrase of late, when it’s coming from a former Counterterrorism Advisor at the US Department of State, you pay attention. Jane Mosbacher Morris,…

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Department of Justice ends investigation into Samsung’s potential patent abuse

The US Justice Department announced today that it will close its investigation into Samsung’s use of patents to attack rivals like Apple. This decision comes after Samsung filed a patent infringement complaint against Apple at the US International Trade Commission and won an order in June 2013 to ban the sale of some iPhone and iPad models in the US. The ban was vetoed by President Obama last August, and now the Justice Department is stating that it sees no reason for the investigation to continue.

The Department of Justice has been investigating Samsung’s use — and potential misuse — of “standards-essential patents” (SEPs) for years now. Companies have to license these kinds of patents to rivals under fair, reasonable, and…

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Kinetic typography tackles tough subject of abuse

Dynamic use of type and artful abstraction conveys an important message in this new animation for abuse advisory service Childline.


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Abuse this agency’s intern!

Interning at a design agency can be tough – but it can’t be as tough as this. One design agency has set up a site to allow the systematic abuse of its interns!

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Apple says the Department of Justice is investigating Samsung over patent abuse

frand 555

In a legal filing with the US International Trade Commission, Apple has revealed that the US Department of Justice is investigating Samsung over its alleged use of FRAND patents to harm competition. An investigation was hinted at back in June in a Bloomberg report, and Dow Jones reports today that the DOJ has been working on the probe for several months. The agency’s interest in investigating FRAND-related matters, however, is not a surprise: after approving Motorola’s merger with Google earlier this year, the DOJ said that it will be on guard against improper use of essential patents in the mobile industry and “will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement action” against violators.

Apple’s filing with the ITC is the latest in its…

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