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TiVo OnePass tracks down your favorite shows across cable, Netflix, and Hulu

TiVo’s using CES 2015 to announce a pretty useful new feature for the customers it hasn’t yet lost. It’s been dubbed OnePass, and aims to help TiVo owners binge on whole seasons of TV shows even when episodes are scattered across cable and various streaming services. OnePass will display shows as a cohesive season and automatically play episodes from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu Plus — the big three sources for on-demand streaming.

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Best of CH 2014: Data Visualization: An interactive data graphic explores how our content connected last year across categories and keywords

Best of CH 2014: Data Visualization

With 2014 complete, we can now take a look back at the year from a quantified point of view. This interactive data map visualizes CH’s most commonly used keywords, which are represented as bubbles within a ring of our main content categories. Each……

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Organizing With the Post-it Plus App: A digital tool turning paper and ink into easy-to-organize files for sharing across multiple platforms

Organizing With the Post-it Plus App

In our constant quest to take handwritten material into the digital world, the brand new Post-it Plus App for iOS 8 delivers on a promise of easy organizing and sharing. Whether in collaborative sessions, or just for the sake of jotting ideas down……

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Miami Art Week 2014: Splatters, Drips and Drops: Well-designed, colorful chaos across painting and sculpture at multiple fairs

Miami Art Week 2014: Splatters, Drips and Drops

There’s most likely thought behind every minute detail within an artist’s work—even if that stray droplet or bleeding line feels more like the product of chance. At this year’s Miami Art Week many pieces embraced—even celebrated—the chaos of fluidity……

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Here’s how to watch what’s happening in Ferguson and across the United States tonight

Protests that began in Ferguson, Missouri are sweeping the United States tonight, after a grand jury decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for shooting Michael Brown on August 9th. People in cities spanning both coasts are marching in protest of Brown’s death, shutting down highways, and being confronted by police. And many are providing live accounts of the events in their area. Everyone can watch now.

There are lots of ways to witness what’s happening around the country now beyond cable news. Here’s what you should be paying attention to.

Live blogs

The New York Times and The Washington Post are on top of it.

Live video

Fox 2 in St. Louis has been providing a reliable stream from its news helicopter since last…

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Handcrafted Jaguar-undi Bags: Vibrant textiles sourced from across Latin and South America beautifully unite through a common thread

Handcrafted Jaguar-undi Bags

At this year’s Pitch Night, we got hands-on with the bags of Jaguar-undi—a family-run start-up that sources traditional textiles from various regions across the Americas (Latin and South) and stitches them together into unique handcrafted…

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Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Music Festival: Over 70 venues across the German city unite for a raucous showcase of global talent

Hamburg's Reeperbahn Music Festival

The northern European port city of Hamburg, Germany has long been a hub for musicians. While it played host to The Beatles for two important developmental years in the early ’60s, that was neither the beginning nor the end of the city’s musical…

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How To Sync OneNote Notebook Across OS X And Windows Phone

Before Evernote, I was a long time user of OneNote, Microsoft note-taking application. OneNote is part of Office Suite and inherits the same tastes and features from its sister apps such as Word, in particular. OneNote is more flexible in terms of content management. Content can be placed freely anywhere in the working area of OneNote without restriction. We can insert bullets, checkboxes, and other complement marks to put across your notes, ideas, or thoughts more clearly.

Generally, OneNote works sufficiently well. My only disappointment is on the synchronization between the web app and the desktop app – at that time, there was no OneNote mobile app. Sometimes it worked, but often it did not. Connecting the Notebook that was created in the web app to desktop app was kind of tricky.

Now it seems OneNote is getting better. It’s available in different platforms outside Windows including OS X, Android, and iOS. Regardless of what your favorite platform is, you can use OneNote. In this post, I’m going to share my experience on how to synchronize OneNote notebooks across OS X and Windows Phone. Let’s get started.

Getting Started

To begin with, make sure that you have OneNote installed and a registered Microsoft Account. Once they are set, launch OneNote and connect to the cloud through the OneNote > Sign in menu.

Sign in with your Microsoft account.

Creating a Notebook

Now let’s create a Notebook that we aim to sync to Windows Phone (as well as other devices with OneNote). To create a new notebook, go to File > New Notebook.

OneNote provides a number of colors to choose for the new notebook. Pick your favorite color and name the notebook – as an example, I will name my new notebook as “Hongkiat Notebook”.

The notebook in OneNote feels and looks similar to a real physical notebook. You can create sections in it and pages in each section. As mentioned, creating content in OneNote is fluid and flexible; for further information, see the following video.

One last thing. Ensure that the notebook has been successfully synced. To verify it, click the Notebook option and hover over the new notebook. And click the arrow icon, residing at the right side of the notebook list as shown below. Therein, you will see when the notebook was last synced.

Sync the Notebook

We have created a new notebook. But when you open the OneNote app in your Windows Phone, you won’t find that new notebook (yet). To add it, open the Office app. You will see a list of places to find your documents.

Then, navigate to the Documents folder where all the OneNote notebooks reside. Tap the new notebook. This will open the notebook in the OneNote app.

Slide up the menu bar at the bottom, and tap the Sync menu.

That’s all, now you can have your note synced in two different devices and platforms. We hope you find this little tip useful.

Word of Mouth: Faroe Islands: Sailing, hiking and the best in dining across the pristine, tiny nation

Word of Mouth: Faroe Islands

With a dramatic landscape as intricately charming as it is awe-inspiring, the Faroe Islands (a nation located between Iceland and Norway), provide a destination unlike any other. Situated in the North Atlantic, the archipelago is comprised of 18 separate islands (many of which…

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London’s New Designers 2014: Part 1: Our favorites from the annual exhibition of emerging UK designers across all fields

London's New Designers 2014: Part 1

by Cajsa Lykke Carlson London’s annual New Designers exhibition gives the public a chance to interact with the designers of tomorrow, bringing together graduates from the UK’s leading universities to showcase their products and make industry contacts. Innovative and inspirational, the …

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