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66-year-old rock guitarist sentenced to 10 days in jail for role in Anonymous attack

Geoffrey Commander doesn’t fit the standard Anonymous profile. He’s a successful musician, earning his living by playing guitar for ELO and Elton John. At 66, he’s also a good deal older than your average hacktivist. But according to the indictment handed down last October, Commander was one of a group of 13 defendants who disrupted the websites of Bank of America, Mastercard, and a number of anti-piracy groups as part of Anonymous’s Operation Payback. Commander and his 12 co-defendants haven’t had as high a profile as the PayPal 13, who were brought before court around the same time, but they’re charged with the same crime: using a freely available web tool called the Low Orbit Ion Cannon to perform a denial-of-service attack.

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North Korea: Anonymous Country: Disguised as a tourist, photojournalist Julia Leeb offers a glimpse of the isolated society in a new hardcover book

North Korea: Anonymous Country

North Korea may be a familiar figure in international news headlines, but even in the age of the internet, the little we know stems mostly from rumors, accounts from defectors who risked their lives to escape and bizarre YouTube ,…

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Anonymous claims to have brought down several of Israel’s government websites

An arm of the hacking/activist group Anonymous claims to have been conducting a digital attack on Israel’s government websites for over a week now, continually knocking them down and watching them come back online again. The attack is an act of protest against Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, and though the group, AnonymousGlobo, largely hasn’t gone into detail about its views, it’s been tweeting the hashtag #FreePalestine in support of Palestinians’ human rights. So far, websites including those from Israel’s intelligence agency and its Ministry of Justice have been brought down, according to Black Bag, though both have since come back online.

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Anonymous has reportedly been hacking US government computers for almost a year

According to Reuters, a recent FBI memo admits that hacking collective Anonymous has been accessing multiple US government computer systems and stolen information over the past year. The alleged memo is said to have been distributed yesterday, and calls the intrusions a “widespread problem that should be addressed.” The Department of Energy, the US Army, and the Department of Health and Human Services are all mentioned as targets.

The attacks started last December

The attacks are said to have started last December, using an exploit present in Adobe’s ColdFusion software. After gaining access, the perpetrators reportedly installed back doors in the systems so they could regain access at a later date; Reuters states that many of the…

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Send Anonymous Emails: 20 Sites To Keep Your Identity Hidden

The first question to answer here is why go for anonymous email when there are plenty of premium featured and free email services such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo! Mail available? Well, privacy and anonymity is a digital right — our digital right. These email services are ‘free’ because of the advertisements.

Although deemed necessary evils, ads are mostly tailored for the visitor or service user, and to do that, service providers need your data to show you advertisements targeted to you and your user group. These are ads that you are most likely to click and/or follow.

Moreover, the disclosure of the motives of secret agencies and their top-secret internet-censoring programs (such as PRISM) has raised concerns among digital privacy advocates. If you want to keep your emails away from prying eyes, this article will introduce to you the many options for sending and receving anonymous emails.

Anonymous email forms the basic foundation of anonymity over the web. Internet is no secure storage, but you have a say in who has access to your data and who doesn’t. If that is no, anonymous emails is one way to ensure your emails are not trackable online.

Note: Anonymity is not possible on the web without hiding your IP address, so you must use Tor, or any other proxy or VPN service before using the services below to remain anonymous on the Internet.

Encrypted / Anonymous Email Service

Here are some of the anonymous email services that lets you send and receive emails anonymously online. Some of them have encryption features, others are disposable or will self-destruct after a specified period of time. Here are 5.

Anonymous Email – TorGuard – This service provides you an anonymous inbox with lots of privacy and cryptographic features. You get 10MB storage, and end-to-end security using SSL encryption for connection and G/PGP encryption for securing the messages.

Tor Mail – Tor Mail is a Tor Hidden service that provides truly anonymous email service. It runs on the hidden service network of The Tor Project so you must use Tor to access and use it. Tor Mail is developed for super anonymity. As it’s built over the Tor network, it cannot be traced easily.

GuerrilaMail – GuerrillaMail offers you a disposable, self-destructible, temporary email address to send and receive emails anonymously on the internet. Mail is deleted after an hour. You only need to choose an email address; no personal data is required.

Secure Mail – This service encrypts your mail using 4096-bit key, which makes it unreadable by anyone except you. It doesn’t ask for your personal information or IP address to sign up. They also have a zero-tolerance policy aganist spam.

The Anonymous Email – Create an account to send and receive emails by signing up with your real email. None of your other personal info is necessary.

Send Emails Without Registration

Sometimes you just need to send emails without prior registration. In fact you don’t even need to receive any feedback. If this is you, here are 8 services that is essentially a form where you put in details of the email you want to send. Note that there is no way for the receiver to get back to you. – Here you will find only a simple form to fill in the receiver’s address, subject and the email content (you can also attach a file to the email if necessary). To get a reply, opt to provide a reply-to email address, otherwise this is a one-way ticket to sending an anonymous email.

5ymailSend and receive beautifully formatted messages using its rich-text editor without revealing your true self. You will have to give up a real email to receive your 5ymail inbox credentals. There is also a paid version for more features.

CyberAtlantis – It offers a simple interface to provide the receiver’s email address, subject, and the message. It strips off the IP address from your mail, and thus you can’t be traced easily. It asks for none of your personal information.

W3 Anonymous Remailer – Send anonymous emails to anyone. You only need to enter the receiver’s email address, subject and the message for the email.

Send Anonymous Email – This one operates with a plain interface to enter the sender and receiver’s address, subject and message. No other details are required to send emails with this. The IP addresses are logged in.

Send Email Message – You only need to enter the receiver’s email address, subject, and the message. Over 100,000 anonymous emails are sent every day for free.

VenomPen – It offers a simple interface to enter the message and details, and send the message to the recipient.

AnonEmail – You get to send anonymous emails without revealing any information about your identity.

Receive Emails

If you just need a disposable email to confirm links and don’t want to deal with the newsletter or other deals they might send you in the future, try these 7 email services. Accounts are created automatically when a mail is received for that address.

Anonymous Email – Hide My Ass!Hide My Ass! offers a free anonymous email account, which can be used to receive (but not send) emails. You can opt for new email received notifications to be sent to your real email or even set your inbox to "self-destruct" with an expiration date.

myTrashMail – Get open and public email accounts created upon receiving mail or sign up for a private and password-protected one to receive mail. The accounts are temporary and will be deleted automatically after some time.

NotSharingMy.Info – NotSharingMy.Info provides you with a permanent anonymous email address to receive emails without providing any traceable and identifiable information. It only requires your real email address for signing up. All emails to the anonymous email address is forwarded to your real email address.

Mailnesia – Aside from inboxes generated automatically upon receipt of an email, Mailnesia even features an automatic confirmation-links click system which is useful if you make lots of sign-ups on web services.

Mailinator – Here is one that lets you create email inboxes quickly and even automatically. You can only receive emails with it.

Spambog – Spambog offers you a disposable (7-day purge), temporary, anonymous email inbox on the Web. You can receive, reply and forward emails but not send an original one. An email alias can be protected with a password.

TempInbox – Here’s another temporary, disposable, auto-automated email inbox service. Give any email alias to anyone and check that inbox on the website for your incoming mail.

Do you use any other anonymous email service? Please share with us through comments.

12-year-old boy admits to hacking government sites for Anonymous

A 12-year-old boy in Montreal has pleaded guilty to breaking into multiple government and police websites in the name of the hacker collective Anonymous, reports the Toronto Sun. The attacks were not politically motivated, however; the boy testified that he traded information to members of Anonymous in exchange for videogames.

The boy admitted to hijacking websites for the Montreal police, the Quebec Institute of Public Health, and the Chilean government, among others. His attacks included flooding servers to bring down sites, defacing the text and appearance of sites, and accessing user information.

The court estimates he did $ 60,000 worth of damage. He will be sentenced next month. Despite his conviction, the boy remains truly…

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Dealers: Writer Peter Madsen introduces the many anonymous faces of NYC’s drug underworld


After losing his writing job in NYC, Peter Madsen turned to something more physical—he became a bike messenger. Few professions give greater insight into what makes a city tick; by way of bicycle, Madsen learned the ins and outs of neighborhoods across all…

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JR Art App and E-Book: Follow the anonymous French street artist around the world with an interactive map that chronicles his works to date and more

JR Art App and E-Book

Working primarily with large scale wheat pastes of black and white portraits, street artist JR has gained recognition—although his actual identity is still considered unknown—among his peers and art-conscious citizens all over the world to win…

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Reuters social media editor charged with helping Anonymous vandalize the LA Times website


The US Department of Justice has charged a former web producer with conspiring with the hacking group Anonymous in order to gain access to sites owned by the Tribune Company. According to a statement, the DOJ has filed charges against 26-year-old Matthew Keys. Keys worked at KTXL FOX40 News as a web producer in 2010, but was fired in October of that year. The DOJ alleges that Keys provided login credentials for a server owner by the Tribune Company, KTXL’s corporate parent, the following December.

A LinkedIn profile under Keys’ name confirms the employment dates mentioned in the DOJ statement, and identify him as a current employee of Reuters, where he serves as the news organization’s deputy social media editor (Ryan J. Reilly of the H…

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