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Apple promotes ‘Pay Once and Play’ games in App Store

Apple is promoting “Pay Once and Play” games as part of the company’s regular refresh of featured App Store titles. “Enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun with complete experiences spanning the App Store’s most beloved genres,” says the blurb for the new collection. “Packed with thrills and unforgettable moments, these powerhouse games belong in every collection.”

this isn’t really a sign of Apple’s allegiance

It’s tempting to say that the promotion shows that Apple prefers pay-once titles to freemium ones, but really, this is just one of the many angles that the company has taken with its App Store collections. It doesn’t really say anything about Apple’s wider motivation.

The new “Pay Once and Play” promotion.

There’s no doubt, of…

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Apple Pay strikes first airline deal with JetBlue

Apple Pay is coming to select JetBlue Airways flights starting next week, according to a report in USA Today. Passengers with an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus can purchase food and onboard amenities without fishing out their credit cards starting on transcontinental flights between New York’s JFK and San Francisco and Los Angeles airports. More destinations will be added in March with all JetBlue flights scheduled to support Apple Pay by June.

“Somebody else doing it always puts pressure on the other guy”

If you’ve ever tried making an in-flight purchase with a credit card you’ll immediately recognize the convenience this represents. Not only will it speed up payment processing for Apple Pay passengers, it’ll also accelerate the food service for…

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Apple will reportedly focus on stability and bug fixes with iOS 9

Apple’s breakneck pace of releasing new versions of iOS and tacking on major features every year has resulted in some unwanted bumps, and it sounds like the company is planning to fix up the rough edges with iOS 9. 9to5Mac reports that the next big release of iOS will focus on stability and optimizing the mobile experience that Apple has spent years evolving. Apple’s engineers are putting a “huge” focus on “fixing bugs, maintaining stability, and boosting performance for the new operating system,” according to the report. Presumably some new features will come along with the update, but the priority seems to be making iOS faster and more reliable than it is today.

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Free Photo Realistic Apple Device Mockups

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Free Photo-Realistic PSD Apple Devices Mockups

Apple Device Mockups are an important part of every design presentation because all these devices look nice and can improve the appearance of every project. We have prepared a collection of five photo realistic Apple devices which are available as free downloads. This set was created exclusive for Designmodo readers by Kaja Świerczyńska. She runs […]


Valentine Goods for Apple Products: Using unique skins like ostrich, stingray and cobra, this NYC designer makes iPhone accessories that are a cut above the rest

Valentine Goods for Apple Products

Awash in a sea of iPhone accessories, Valentine Goods is a step above most. Valentine Goods first caught our eye in May 2012 with a set of premium leather iPhone backs made using an original selection of uncommon skins such as ostrich, stingray and……

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Apple is reportedly in talks to build its own web TV service

Apple is in talks with TV programmers to put together its own over-the-top pay TV service, Recode says. According to the site’s industry sources, Apple’s proposed service would comprise of bundles of programming, secured through deals with content providers and sold direct to consumers, rather than a full TV lineup. Apple has reportedly already shown demonstrations of the proposed service to people in charge of TV programming, but Recode says the talks “seem to be in early stages,” with the pricing and release date still yet to be set.

The company’s proposed product sounds similar to Sling TV, the $ 20-a-month Dish service that offers a small number of channels such as ESPN for streaming on mobile devices, video game consoles, set-top…

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Apple Watch apps for Tesla and Todoist show promise

With the April release of the Apple Watch getting closer, some developers have started showing off the apps they’ve built for Apple’s first wearable, and we have two early standouts. Todoist has shared its upcoming Apple Watch app with TechCrunch, and Eleks Labs, a Ukraine-based developing group has built an app that will let you control your Tesla directly from your wrist.

Eleks’ Apple Watch app displays the battery level, range, temperature of your Tesla on the main screen, and can lock and unlock the car, turn on your headlights, and control the air condition. It will even allow you to honk the horn and open the sunroof. But according to Eleks, building the app was anything but easy, thanks to a number of faults within WatchKit….

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Amazon reportedly wants to buy RadioShack stores to better compete with Apple

Amazon is reportedly in discussion with RadioShack to buy some of the company’s brick-and-mortar stores after the troubled electronics chain files for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Bloomberg says that the Seattle-based e-commerce giant is considering using the stores as showrooms for its hardware, and as pick-up and drop-off centers for items purchased online. Both Amazon and Radio Shack declined to comment on the situation, but two people apparently familiar with the matter said that Amazon may use the locations to give people a chance to try its growing range of hardware, including its range of Kindle tablets, its Fire smartphone, and its new Echo speaker.

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Apple will spend $2 billion to turn its failed sapphire plant into a global command center

Apple plans to spend $ 2 billion turning the site of its failed sapphire production plant into a data center. Apple tells Bloomberg that the site, located in Mesa, Arizona, “will serve as a command center for our global networks.” The 1.3 million-square-foot building will be powered entirely by renewable energy and is expected to create 150 full-time jobs and 300 to 500 construction and trade jobs — far fewer than the 2,000 or so jobs that the sapphire production plant was supposed to make. “This multibillion-dollar project is one of the largest investments we’ve ever made,” Apple says.

Apple initially built the plant for GT Advanced Technologies, which Apple forwarded a bunch of money to so that it could start building furnaces and…

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AOL is shutting down its Apple blog TUAW

There goes another one. AOL is shutting down The Unofficial Apple Weblog, better known as TUAW, sources familiar with the situation tell The Verge. The company — which is also shutting down its gaming site Joystiq — is in the midst of a major reorganization, and is cutting back on media properties it deems as underperforming. TUAW’s run comes to an end on February 2nd.

TUAW comes to an end on February 2nd

Founded just over 10 years ago in December 2004, TUAW was acquired by AOL in 2005 when it purchased Weblogs, Inc., alongside other influential sites including Autoblog, Joystiq, and Engadget. TUAW currently has 11 editorial staffers, according to its about page. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong forecasted these changes during an earnings call…

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