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Scott & Scott Architects Design Kin Kao Restaurant, Vancouver: Scott & Scott Architects brings its award-winning touch to BC’s newest Thai restaurant

Scott & Scott Architects Design Kin Kao Restaurant, Vancouver

Nothing suits a homestyle menu more than serving it in a space that feels intimate, familiar and approachable. That is exactly what Bangkok-born chef Tang Phoonchai was hoping for while planning his new Vancouver restaurant Kin Kao, where he will……

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This is what happens when you ask hundreds of architects to design Santa’s workshop

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you told a bunch of architects to design a building without worrying about the realities of budgets, bylaws, or building codes, here’s your chance to find out. A competition run by Helsinki Design Week and a Finnish construction company called Ruukki asked architects from around the world to submit their plans for Santa’s “logistics center” — a center from which Santa can run his toy operation. Despite the corniness of the task, close to 250 designers went ahead and did just that, and the buildings they imagined are actually pretty cool.

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Umut Yamac’s Perch Light: The architect’s perfectly balanced, origami-inspired paper light

Umut Yamac’s Perch Light

Architect and designer Umut Yamac’s Perch Light is an intriguing, playful piece of design. The stylized bird-shaped light sits still on its perch until you pass it, or a draft…

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Koffi & Diabaté: The Ivory Coast architects, urban planners and developers that are boldly forging the future of urban Africa

Koffi & Diabaté

Urbanization has gone from global phenomenon to the source of increasingly vital environmental, social, political and economic issues. In Africa, movement to urban centers has skyrocketed in the past decades with central planners unable and sometimes unwilling to plan for the future. Based…

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Charged: inFORM, a Revolutionary Design Tool: New technology from MIT’s Media Lab presents a game-changer for designers and architects

Charged: inFORM, a Revolutionary Design Tool

Virtual reality has made huge strides over the past few years, but for pioneers like the scientists at the MIT Media Lab, digital simulations have begun taking actual, material shape….

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Architects propose 136-mile cycling network above London

Lord Norman Foster, renowned architect and founder of Foster + Partners, has proposed a massive network of elevated pathways for cyclists in London. Dubbed ‘SkyCycle,’ the cycling routes would follow London’s vast suburban rail network for over 220 kilometers (136 miles), allowing cyclists to traverse the UK’s capital without encountering cars or pedestrians.

SkyCycle would consist of a number of routes, most of which would connect with other lines at points. Each route would be able to accommodate 12,000 cyclists per hour. The network as a whole would serve almost six million people, half of whom live and work within 10 minutes of one of its 200 entrances. As the majority of London’s rail network was created in the steam era, the…

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The Beautiful Cliff House by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

The Cliff House, is a minimalist home located in Nova Scotia, Canada, and was designed by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects. This project reminds me of a recent TV series that featured Kevin McCloud and his Man Made Home, a home that was essentially made out of recycled junk on the edge of the land. Although the Cliff House isn't made out […]

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Awesome Dollhouses Built By Top Architects

London-based developers Cathedral Group organized This Doll’s House fundraising project. Top architects created their own creative modern doll houses for the charity project. This unique charity iss dedicated to kids with disabilities and their families. All these doll houses will be auctioned and exhibited at Bonhmams on November 11, 2013, with proceeds to benefit KIDS, a UK charity…

Clare Cousins Architects: Moor Street Studio

This space designed by Clare Cousins Architects looks like such an inspiring, energizing place to live and work.








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Bestie: Scott and Scott Architects’ minimalist interior shines in Vancouver’s small sausage and beer parlor


Anyone with an eye for minimalist design will tell you, less is more. But do Dieter Rams’ sagely timeless words apply to restaurant design? Vancouver-based Scott and Scott Architects believe so. And with a budget of just over $ 15,000 and 750 square…

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