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Apple ends its arguments in the DRM trial, but it’s far from over

All the evidence for the $ 350 million court case against Apple is now in, but what we still don’t have is someone to represent the some 8 million who purchased iPods during the class action period. That’s an important detail that’s still being hashed out ahead of next week, when the trial comes to a close and a jury of eight begins its deliberations. Despite the lack of a plaintiff, Apple presented evidence defending itself from the claims that it harmed consumers when creating the DRM system for iTunes and the iPod.

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Apple blasts Samsung over originality, bravery in closing trial arguments

Apple wrapped up its side of a wide-ranging case against Samsung in court today, accusing it one last time of copying five features that it says ended up in millions of phones sold to US consumers.

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An illustrated book of bad arguments


A very useful book for anyone wanting to deconstruct bad arguments. This said, the real reason for sharing this on Designer Daily is that there are very cool drawings to illustrate the bad arguments.




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Apple and DOJ release slide decks from closing arguments


Following nearly three weeks of arguments from Apple and the Department of Justice, the trial around ebook price fixing wrapped up today with the presentation of closing arguments. Both sides have released their closing slide decks, posted by All Things D, which try to drive home the same lines of argument we’ve seen throughout the trial. While Apple is arguing that the ebook business was in turmoil with publishers looking to escape Amazon’s loss-leading business practices, the government is arguing that Apple was the ringleader in a scheme to raise ebook prices across the board. You can take a look at the full decks below.



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