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Did ZBrush just become the complete package for 3D artists?

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The new ZBrush makes it easier to stay in the app the whole time ZBrush has become a huge part of many a 3D artist’s workflow. But it has never quite managed to be the complete package, with other software needed for certain tasks. The latest version, 4r7, may well change that for good.

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Powerful painting app offers artists unique creative options

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Mischief makes a great scratchpad for ideas, as shown by Sycra Yasin

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Digital artists’ guide to making money in fine art

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How crazy would you think it to learn that many artists are jumping off the commercial merry-go-round to find a lucrative living in the Fine Art world? This goes against everything we learned growing up, but it’s a life change happening for a growing number of creatives.

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The Catlin Guide 2015 : A peek at this year’s best and brightest emerging artists, as chosen by art book publisher Justin Hammond

The Catlin Guide 2015

Discovering tomorrow’s artists today takes effort: prepare to go to every graduate show and art fair in the country to find the really good stuff. Or, if you live in the UK, there’s a shortcut: The Catlin Guide. Published by fine art insurer Catlin……

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Magic Leap’s futuristic patent art was copied from other artists’ designs

When Google-backed augmented reality company Magic Leap quietly applied for a patent, it did so with dozens of pages of futuristic (and slightly creepy) scenarios: a social media charm bracelet, a gargoyle bursting out of a box in a store, gamified cucumber chopping…

Wait a second. That last one sounds familiar. Maybe that’s because it’s a line drawing of a shot from “Sight,” a Black Mirror-esque short film about an augmented, sinister future. As it turns out, Magic Leap’s patent art isn’t so much its vision of the future as one created by various students and designers. Former Verge-r and current Gizmodo writer Sean Hollister was tipped off to a set of side-by-side comparisons that leave no doubt we’re looking at copies.

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Arts Recommendations from The Mirror Cube: A site dedicated to music, film and artistic happenings, as recommended by an array of working artists

Arts Recommendations from The Mirror Cube

Perhaps no one knows the music, film and art scenes better than those within them. Communities form and flourish, and engage other active creators. Highly collaborative art leads to highly connected scenes with an escalated awareness of what’s working……

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Amazing Collection of Free Wedding Textures for Designers and Artists

Feel free to complement your freebie box with a set of amazing free wedding textures.

Artists bake 5 modern wonders of the world

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Gameloft has also released a recipe to build your own Battenberg Gate

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We Are Ink’d Temporary Tattoos: Bristol-based contemporary publisher Urban Graphic taps their favorite artists for non-committal body art

We Are Ink’d Temporary Tattoos

We’ve come a long, long way since the times when getting a tattoo was the exclusive prerogative of those on society’s fringes. Getting inked is still a pretty big decision however, so trying it out beforehand can oftentimes seem like a good idea……

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Georgia Perry’s Festive Designs: The Australian graphic artist’s bright and bold creations truly bring the holiday cheer this season

Georgia Perry's Festive Designs

Whatever the holidays mean to you—be it celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Festivus, eating too much, or something else—Georgia Perry’s delightfully colorful greeting cards do well to match the mood of the season. From geometric Christmas……

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