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Whipping Post’s Leather Roll-Top Backpack: The classic design gets a sizable update in pure vegetable-tanned leather

Whipping Post's Leather Roll-Top Backpack

Specially designed technical backpacks have their place in everyone’s collection. Though not all designs are universal in function—high alpine trekking calls for a bag with particular features that aren’t entirely necessary for day hikes or the daily……

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Alite + Boreas Commuter Backpack: A roll-top waterproof design that combines aesthetics with a suspension support system for comfort

Alite + Boreas Commuter Backpack

The strongest collaborations draw from the strengths of each involved party—and the new roll-top pack from Alite and Boreas is a shining example. Both San Francisco-based companies know the value of a sturdy yet stylish, multipurpose pack. Alite……

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The Patchwork Backpack by Sketchbook: Entirely hand-crafted bags intended for wild adventures

The Patchwork Backpack by Sketchbook

Sketchbook Crafts’ range of backpacks, totes and wallets are all handmade with care by Amber Jensen and the materials used are sourced locally or American-made when possible—and while all the homegrown qualities are appealing, they don’t…

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Winter Session’s Two-Tone Day Pack: The minimal, modern backpack gets an update with three earth tone colorways

Winter Session's Two-Tone Day Pack

In late 2013 we were introduced to Denver’s Winter Session, makers of rugged waxed canvas bags and assorted leather goods. The clean aesthetic is immediately attractive to a range of tastes, and is most appealing about…

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r180° Panorama Camera Backpack : A feature-filled bag that allows access to essentials without taking it off

r180° Panorama Camera Backpack

Great design solves problems. For wandering photographers—whether hiking in the mountains or exploring a new city on foot—the on-again-off-again issue of accessing camera gear from backpacks always lingers. California-based Mindshift Gear caught the attention of the…

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Aimé Leon Dore + Frank Clegg Travel Pack: A handsome minimalist backpack made of crisp, natural canvas and tumbled leather

Aimé Leon Dore + Frank Clegg Travel Pack

July has been a solid month for NYC-based menswear label Aimé Leon Dore. Early on, the brand released their sophomore collection to great admiration, and just this past week they…

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STM’s Drifter Laptop Backpack: This design from the Australian company offers dual sleeves for tablet and computer, detachable raincover and more

STM's Drifter Laptop Backpack

Unsatisfied with the limited options for laptop bags, Ethan Nyholm ended up wrapping his computer in bubble wrap and tucking it into a sports backpack for his daily commute through the scenic Bondi area of Sydney, Australia….

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The 2Face backpack on Kickstarter


With a project already backed on Kickstarter earlier this year, Andrew and Alex are already experienced in successfully launching products that please people.

I have no doubt that their new project will be just as successful, if not more. The 2Face backpack‘s concept is already great to begin with, and they showed enough sketches and photos to make you want it right away.

So if you feel like getting a gorgeous backpack, go ahead and support good design and craftmanship.







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Collected Works Co. Military Duffle Backpack: Built for the long-haul from sturdy US-sourced waxed canvas and leather worked by Tanner Goods

Collected Works Co. Military Duffle Backpack

For those searching for a bag that is rugged, handsome, intelligently designed and will last a cross-country motorcycle journey (and further), the Military Duffle Backpack from Portland-based recordOutboundLink(this,…

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D’emploi Roll-Top Backpack: Sturdy waxed canvas, chrome-oil tanned leather and deadstock duck camo

D'emploi Roll-Top Backpack

When companies sell on the “handmade” platform, few customers imagine the mindless assembly line that is quite often the reality. However, Brooklyn’s one-man workshop d’emploi is the real deal. Designer and craftsman Kyle Mosholder makes each piece from start to finish, so…

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