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Bamboo Ski and Hiking Poles from Soul Poles: The eco-friendly pole makers aim to expand their hand-built line

Bamboo Ski and Hiking Poles from Soul Poles

On a constant quest to make the ski industry more sustainable, Park City, Utah-based Soul Poles is aiming to reduce cost for consumers and increase its market presence. The brand’s SoulLite campaign—currently funding on Kickstarter—is focused on……

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Wacom’s Precise New Bamboo Stylus Fineline: The latest in thin tip technology for tablet-drawing is affordable and comfortable to use

Wacom's Precise New Bamboo Stylus Fineline

After testing Wacom’s latest release, the Bamboo Stylus fineline, with our in-house artist Zach Robinson, we found it to be by and large one of the best thought-out and…

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10 awesome designs made of bamboo

In Asian countries, designs made of bamboo are common and have been used for centuries. Modern designers are also interested by this strong and flexible material that is perfect for creating great designs. In this post we share some great examples of what you can make with bamboo.

1. Bamboo furniture by the Campana Brotheres

Small furniture created by the Campana Brothers for Alessi.


2. Linger bench

A spectacular bench made of bamboo by Alvin Tjitrowirjo.


3. Bamboo tricycle

A bamboo bike for kids made in VietNam, the wheels are in wood, but nothing was treated chemically. A creation of a21 studio.



4. Bamboo furniture by Artek

Gorgeous furniture made of bamboo by the Artek design group.


5. Sand toys

Toys made of bamboo to play in sand. Made by design students in a bamboo toys design workshop in China.


6. Front loader model

Another toy made during that bamboo toys design workshop.


7. Amazon Science Center

A research center built in the Amazon forest by Marks Barfield Architects.


8. Tekio lighting system

A modular lighting system made of bamboo and paper by London designer Anthony Dickens.



9. Bamboo domes

A series of bamboo domes designed by Vo Trong Nghia architects.



10. Moolin lamps

Beautiful lamps made by Lasfera design studio.


More designs made of bamboo?

Have you seen more great designs made of bamboo? Don’t hesitate and share it in the comments. We’d be happy to discover more great stuff.

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Panda Watches: The Kickstarter-born brand introduces sustainable and elegant bamboo watches

Panda Watches

Vincent Ko, founder of bamboo-based sunglass company Panda (which initially launched through Kickstarter in 2011), is again on the crowd sourcing platform with a brand new venture. Today, 6 May 2014, sees Panda introduce a unique…

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Phoenix bamboo concept car


A stunning concept car that is partially made with… bamboo. The form of the outer shell mimics the structure of a leaf, and the exterior shell is enveloping the interior which seamlessly forms the dashboards and seats as it continues backwards. This design was made possible by the collaboration of Kenneth Cobonpue and Albrecht Birkner.



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Bamboo Bay: Brighton, England-based label makes environmentally conscious, “boarding-inspired” clothing and accessories

Bamboo Bay

by Emily Millett Originally from London and Northampton, board sports enthusiasts Ludi Ludlow and Amy Roberts are now proud to count themselves amongst the colorfully diverse residents of Brighton in southern England. This surf-friendly coastal town is known for its environmental conscience and…

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Three Sustainable Sunglasses: A look at the latest in plant-based, cotton bio-resin and bamboo shades

Three Sustainable Sunglasses

Few things are as guaranteed as losing your favorite pair of sunglasses. No matter how close you keep them, they never last forever. Aside from the disappointment, the problem creates unnecessary waste as well. To lessen the impact on the environment, many eyewear-makers are beginning to explore more sustainable materials—a…

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Ursa Major Bamboo Face Wipes: Natural skincare for freshening up on the move

Ursa Major Bamboo Face Wipes

A treat for travelers, men’s skincare line Ursa Major’s newly introduced Essential Face Wipes make lengthy layovers and daily commutes just a tad more manageable. Made in Vermont, the wipes clean your face without wicking…

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Bamboo Ladies Bamboo Pickles: Three generations of pickling preserved with an all-natural recipe

Bamboo Ladies Bamboo Pickles

Thanks to our friends at New York Mouth, we were recently exposed to the bamboo pickles from Bamboo Ladies. The curious condiment is a zesty alternative to pickled cucumbers,…

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Linha Combine Portable Table Set: Bamboo rounds stack up in an eco-friendly approach to picnics

Linha Combine Portable Table Set

Brazilian design company Bold announced this week Linha Combine, an all-in-one set for transporting family-style meals. During the presentation at Rio+Design, we…

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