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Link About It: Beautifully Simple Balance Bikes

Beautifully Simple Balance Bikes

Balance bicycles are known to be effective at helping children develop coordination, balance and counter-steering techniques at a young age. While they’ve been around for a while, they’ve remained pretty much the same for the majority of their existence……

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Hock Design Fitness Equipment: Beautifully designed high-end exercise goods with an eye toward the future

Hock Design Fitness Equipment

Kristof Hock knew there was a better way of doing things. Years ago—while working as a product manager in the fitness industry—he would visit Nantong, China to meet with manufacturers. He remembers the polluted air and the bedraggled workforce—mainstays……

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The World’s 59 Most Beautifully Designed Country Currency

Each country has its own unique currency, except for some countries that rely on others currency. Currency is the very important things in our lives because we all use currency on a daily basis. The currency design of each country shows their history, culture and events over the time.

The World’s 59 Most Beautifully Designed Country Currency

Almost all country currency are different and beautiful, but we are selecting following 59 most beautiful currencies of the world that will take back you into the world of art. Hope you enjoy them.

59 Excellent Examples Of Beautiful Country Currency

01. Afghanistan (Currency: Afghan afghani)

Afghanistan (Country currency: Afghan afghani)

02. Australia (Currency: Australian dollar)

Australia (Currency: Australian dollar)

03. Azerbaijan (Currency: Azerbaijani manat)

Azerbaijan (Currency: Azerbaijani manat)

04. Bangladesh (Currency: Bangladeshi taka)

Bangladesh (Currency: Bangladeshi taka)

05. Bermuda (Currency: Bermudian dollar)

Bermuda (Country currency: Bermudian dollar)

06. Brazil (Currency: Brazilian real)

Brazil (Currency: Brazilian real)

07. Brunei (Currency: Brunei dollar)

Brunei (Currency: Brunei dollar)

08. Bulgaria (Currency: Bulgarian lev)

Bulgaria (Currency: Bulgarian lev)

09. Canada (Currency: Canadian dollar)

Canada (Country currency: Canadian dollar)

10. Chile (Currency: Chilean peso)

Chile (Currency: Chilean peso)

11. China (Currency: Renminbi)

China (Currency: Renminbi)

12. China (Currency: Yuan)

China (Currency: Yuan)

13. Costa Rica (Currency: Costa Rican colón)

Costa Rica (Currency: Costa Rican colón)

14. Dominican Republic (Currency: Dominican peso)

Dominican Republic (Country currency: Dominican peso)

15. Egypt (Currency: Egyptian Pound)

Egypt (Currency: Egyptian Pound)

16. England (Currency: England Pound)

England (Currency: England Pound)

17. Ethiopia (Currency: Ethiopian birr)

Ethiopia (Currency: Ethiopian birr)

18. Euro


19. Fiji (Currency: Fijian dollar)

Fiji (Currency: Fijian dollar)

20. Honduras (Currency: Honduran lempira)

Honduras (Currency: Honduran lempira)

21. Hong Kong Dollar

Hong Kong Dollar

22. India (Currency: Indian Rupee)

India (Country currency: Indian Rupee)

23. Indonesia (Currency: Indonesian rupiah)

Indonesia (Currency: Indonesian rupiah)

24. Israel (Currency: Israeli new shekel)

Israel (Currency: Israeli new shekel)

25. Jamaica (Currency: Jamaican dollar)

Jamaica (Currency: Jamaican dollar)

26. Kazhakistan (Currency: Kazakhstani tenge)

Kazhakistan (Country currency: Kazakhstani tenge)

27. Kuwait (Currency: Kuwaiti Dinar)

Kuwait (Currency: Kuwaiti Dinar)

28. Latvia (Currency: Lats)

Latvia (Currency: Lats)

29. Lebanon (Currency: Lebanese pound)

Lebanon (Currency: Lebanese pound)

30. Malaysia (Currency: Malaysian ringgit)

Malaysia (Country currency: Malaysian ringgit)

31. Mauritania (Currency: Mauritanian ouguiya)

Mauritania (Currency: Mauritanian ouguiya)

32. Mauritius (Currency: Mauritian Rupee)

Mauritius (Currency: Mauritian Rupee)

33. Mexico (Currency: Mexican peso)

Mexico (Currency: Mexican peso)

34. Mongolia (Currency: Mongolian tögrög)

Mongolia (Currency: Mongolian tögrög)

35. Morocco (Currency: Moroccan dirham)

Morocco (Country currency: Moroccan dirham)

36. Mozambique (Currency: Mozambican metical)

Mozambique (Currency: Mozambican metical)

37. Nepal (Currency: Nepalese rupee)

Nepal (Currency: Nepalese rupee)

38. New Zealand (Currency: New Zealand dollar)

New Zealand (Currency: New Zealand dollar)

39. Nigeria (Currency: Nigerian naira)

Nigeria (Currency: Nigerian naira)

40. Nicaragua (Currency: Nicaraguan córdoba)

Nicaragua (Currency: Nicaraguan córdoba)

41. Oman (Currency: Omani rial)

Oman (Country currency: Omani rial)

42. Papua New Guinea (Currency: Papua New Guinean kina)

Papua New Guinea (Currency: Papua New Guinean kina)

43. Paraguay (Currency: Paraguayan guaraní)

Paraguay (Currency: Paraguayan guaraní)

44. Qatar (Currency: Qatari riyal)

Qatar (Currency: Qatari riyal)

45. Romania (Currency: Romanian leu)

Romania (Country currency: Romanian leu)

46. Russia (Currency: Russian ruble)

Russia (Currency: Russian ruble)

47. Singapore (Currency: Singapore Dollar)

Singapore (Currency: Singapore Dollar)

48. Solomon Islands (Currency: Solomon Islands dollar)

Solomon Islands (Currency: Solomon Islands dollar)

49. Sri Lanka (Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee)

Sri Lanka (Country currency: Sri Lankan Rupee)

50. Swaziland (Currency: Swazi Lilangeni)

Swaziland (Currency: Swazi Lilangeni)

51. Switzerland (Currency: Swiss franc)

Switzerland (Currency: Swiss franc)

52. Thailand (Currency: Thai Baht)

Thailand (Currency: Thai Baht)

53. Tonga (Currency: Tongan pa’anga)

Tonga (Country currency: Tongan pa'anga)

54. UAE (Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham)

UAE (Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham)

55. United States (Currency: United States dollar)

United States (Currency: United States dollar)

56. Vanuatu (Currency: Vanuatu vatu)

Vanuatu (Currency: Vanuatu vatu)

57. Vietnam (Currency: Vietnamese dong)

Vietnam (Country currency: Vietnamese dong)

58. Yemen (Currency: Yemeni rial)

Yemen (Currency: Yemeni rial)

59. Zambia (Currency: Zambian kwacha)

Zambia (Country currency: Zambian kwacha)

Credit: SuperMoney

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Jakub Polomski Beautifully Photographs Chile’s National Park

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