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Old Jeans, New Saddle: Brooks + Levi’s Cambium C17: A built-to-last upcycling collaboration from two heritage brands

Old Jeans, New Saddle: Brooks + Levi's Cambium C17

Last summer, denim heads in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and London donated their beyond-repair jeans at Levi’s pop-up Commuter Workspace—an outreach project aimed at urban bike commuters. Now the discarded denim has been given a new life by the heritage……

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Brooks England Dalston Knapsack: The legendary saddle-makers introduce a sleek, weatherproof bag fit for adventure

Brooks England Dalston Knapsack

For nearly 150 years Brooks England has supplied the cycling community with hand-hammered, heirloom-quality leather saddles. In recent years however, a new enthusiasm for growth has pushed the brand to introduce numerous new bag collections and…

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Oil Paintings by Troy Brooks

Troy BrooksTroy Brooks curently lives in Tornonto, he usually paints with oil on canvas. Troy explains his paintings as, "An elaborate pageantry of characters observed in allegorical settings. These women play out intimate scenes through a detailed visual language. They are usually caught in moments where somethings transformative is about to happen." Troy Brooks Website
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Tokyobike Spring 2014 New Singlespeed: Three fresh colors, swept handlebars and a Brooks saddle breathe new life to the perfectly simple bicycle

Tokyobike Spring 2014 New Singlespeed

As longtime supporters of Tokyobike and their “less is more” approach to bicycle building, we took special note of their upcoming spring 2014 release: the New Singlespeed. While aesthetically similar to its predecessor, the fresh release will introduce a more classic swept…

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Surreal Landscape Illustrations by Brooks Shane Salzwedel

Brooks Shane Salzwedel uses graphite, charcoal, tape, color pencils, spray paint on mylar and resin on panel to create these surreal landscape illustrations. He overlaps several drawings, which adds incredible depth to his work. If you are interested in purchasing any of Brooks creations he has a store you can visit via his website.  The overlapping layers cause […]

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Army recruits zombie novelist Max Brooks to prepare troops for disaster


The US military’s disaster preparedness efforts recently experienced a kind of zombie outbreak. During a hurricane response rehearsal this week at Fort Sam Houston in Texas, the US Army drafted World War Z author Max Brooks to share his thoughts on managing big unfolding crises. And according to an account published by the Army, his lessons apply whether soldiers are confronting a Category 5 hurricane or a civilization-threatening zombie apocalypse.

“We are teaching people what to do when the lights go out,” Brooks said of his work, which also includes The Zombie Survival Guide. “If I can get people thinking, even just briefly, what it takes to keep the lights on and what it takes from the people who keep the lights on, then I will have…

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Awesome Graphic Design by Mark Brooks

Mark Brooks is a graphic designer and art director born in Barcelona, he designs all sorts such as; posters, book covers, clothing and corporate identity projects. Marks work has been featured in many magazines and websites. To see more of his work or contact him, head over to his site.           […]

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