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Gibson built Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne out of guitars and took it to CES

“What if Game of Thrones‘ Iron Throne were made from axes, not swords?” said one guitar marketing executive to another.

“What if it were made from Gibson axes?” came the joyous reply.

“To CES!” the pair cried in unison.

Lead photo by Nathan Ingraham

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These four spacey tracks are built out of NASA rocket noises

When NASA first joined Soundcloud back in October, sample-minded musicians everywhere took notice. Suddenly, there was a vast resource of rocket sounds, radio transmissions, and otherwise space-related audio tracks from the NASA archive. Now, we’re starting to see some of the music that’s come out of it. This four-track EP from Bad Panda is built entirely out of NASA sounds, with the fuzzy rocket roars serving as kick drums and radio whines turned into remarkably poignant leads. The artists were only allowed to use sounds from the NASA archive, so every sound you hear started life in the archive, however crazily it was pitch-bent and processed in between.

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Customizable Hunton Powerboats: Luxury speed machines built by hand in the UK

Customizable Hunton Powerboats

When UK-based Hunton made their US debut with two customized powerboats in Miami earlier this December, we were quick to scope out the unique, well-designed mix of performance and luxury. These aspirational performance machines are hand-built in……

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Interview: Davis Smith of Cotopaxi: Inside the innovative social business combining global causes with outdoor gear that’s built and designed to last

Interview: Davis Smith of Cotopaxi

The desire to see the world, step outside one’s own boundaries and see how others live is human nature. Davis Smith, founder and CEO of socially conscious outdoor company Cotopaxi, spent much of his childhood outside his native US in developing countries……

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18 Cool Things You Won’t Believe Were Built Using CSS

Contrary to popular belief, CSS is not only used to provide basic style for a web page in order to make it look more attractive. There are plenty of other things that one can do with CSS as well. With the ability to create animations and interactions, CSS along with HTML and Javascript allow web developers the opportunity to play around and experiment with different methods.

It is as if the web browser is like an empty canvas that they can play around with. Featured here are just 18 examples of the cool and creative things that people have built using CSS. From original characters to interesting animations, there’s plenty to inspire you to mess around with CSS on your own.

The Simpsons

Chris Pattle created the members of the Simpsons family using only CSS. He took each character’s face, broke it up into smaller shapes then pieced them back together. He even animated the eyes to breathe some life into the characters.

Minions With Pure CSS

If you can’t get over the Minion craze (courtesy of the ‘Despicable Me‘ movies), you’ll be going bananas for this. Amr Zakaria has created Minions using pure CSS. The Minions come complete with blinking eyes and a friendly wave.

Broken neon sign

This is an amazing example of text-shadow implementation to achieve the broken neon signage effect with CSS. Mouse over to see the lights on the letters ‘c’, ‘n’ and ‘i ‘dim slightly.

Mmm… Cheese

It’s a simple block of cheese, or is it? Hugo Giraduel created this 3D cheese block using CSS. I don’t know about you but it kind of looks like a certain household item too.

Single Element CSS character

Another one of Hugo Giraudel’s work. This time, he created an 8-bit character using only one element.

Viking Shield

This is a Viking shield created by LukyVj. It’s so well done that you can hardly tell that it was formed with CSS and not with a graphics editor.

Fluid menu with transparent icon

This is a unique see-through menu with a colored slider that puts an active menu icon in color when you mouse over it. Play with the slider and be awed by how fluidly it glides across the menu.

CSS Creatures

CSS Creatures are made by @bennettfeely and can smile, laugh, or carry an emotionless expression if you like. You can play around with the teeth, moustache, color, eyes or mouths of the characters to create your very own via Twitter.

Long Cat

Resize your browser window and the cat’s body will stretch or compress accordingly with the browser window’s width. How far do you think you can stretch or squash the CSS-kitty?

Rolling coke Can

Here’s another fun one. When you scroll to the right, slowly, it looks as though you are spinning or rotating the Coke can. An awesome effect done purely with CSS.


This calculator’s design is simple and clean but when combined with Javascript, it gives you a more fun and approachable way to take your calculations further.

Grid Animation Effect

Applying any sort of animation effect is hard enough, let alone doing it via CSS. Here, the grid animation effect is worked in beautifully.

Smooth iOS 7 toogle

This toggle button made by Dan Eden was inspired by the iOS7 toogle. If you try it out for yourself, you’ll be able to see how similiar this is to the original iOS7 toogle button.

Animated checkmark button

Sascha Michael Trinkaus made this checkmark button that’s surrounded by a gradient color. The particular effect runs when you click on the checkmark.


This is another adorable Minion done in the style of a drawing crafted from CSS.

Menu toogle SVG animation

Take a look at the animation’s demo and you will see the smooth transition of the menu shape into another shape.

Shape masking

CSSMuse used CSS to apply circle, pentagonal and hexagonal shape masking to an image. On top of that, it expands into a zoom as well.

Loaders Kit

Here, we have several loaders created using only CSS. If you’re looking to reduce the use of your bandwith, CSS-based loaders can come in quite handy.

How We Built the Startup Theme for WordPress

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How We Built the Startup Theme for WordPress

Designmodo’s Startup Framework is a great collection of ready-made components — headers, footers, contact pages and others — that can be used as building blocks for a variety of website types and perhaps tweak a style to better match your design. You can build an entire website by combining components using the simple drag-and-drop visual […]


The first official Batmobile ever built is headed to auction

If you’re a fan of old-school Batman comics, there’s really only one Batmobile for you. It’s not Zack Snyder’s brand new model, nor is it Christopher Nolan’s tank. Not even Tim Burton’s slick version or the legendary customized Lincoln used in the ’60s TV series will do. No, this recently-discovered Batmobile built from a 1956 Oldsmobile is the only real option for lovers of the original comics.

The hand-built car is said to be the very first officially-licensed Batmobile ever made, and it’s up at auction now for a starting price of $ 90,000. Unlike all of the other Batmobiles, it evokes the original design used in the 1940s comics: a massive center tail fin and long, swooping lines, and a bat face for a front end.

According to…

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CHV: Kawasaki Railcar Manufacturing Facility: From the MTA to the DC Metro, many of the USA’s transit systems have their rail cars built in the heartland

CHV: Kawasaki Railcar Manufacturing Facility

In the second video in our series from Kawasaki’s plant in Lincoln, Nebraska, we visit the company’s railcar facility. While the brand is traditionally associated with the power-sports industry, they actually manufacture an enormous array…

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Mercedes built a self-driving truck that could save thousands of lives every year

Mercedes-Benz believes it’s built a self-driving semi-truck that could eventually help cut down on highway tragedies that kill thousands of drivers each year. The Future Truck 2025 can’t navigate city streets autonomously like Google’s fleet of cars, but is perfectly capable of holding its own on the open road — and that’s where sleep-deprived truck drivers most often pose a threat to people driving smaller passenger vehicles. Using a combination of advanced dual cameras, radar sensors, and the latest blind-spot technology (Mercedes refers to the system as “Highway Pilot”), the Future Truck 2025 analyzes the road to get a sense of surrounding traffic and terrain. The “highway” part of that is critical; a driver is still required to get…

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55 Clean WordPress Themes Built For Super Fast Loading

OnepageThis is a very typical behavior of internet users. They search for a particular thing and open the site that appears useful and this is mostly the one that the search engine displays on the first page usually within the top two or three positions. If the site loads in 4-5 seconds, they will browse it […]
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