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QUIN Candy + Union Wine in a Can Lollipops: Artisan treats from Oregeon, crafted from Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris

QUIN Candy + Union Wine in a Can Lollipops

As we approach Valentine’s Day—a holiday that sees a surge in wine and candy consumption—two of our favorite Portland food and drink brands have united to produce none other than wine lollipops. Union Wines, which last grabbed our attention with……

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Eat Me, The Candy Alphabet by Massimo Gammacurta

Candy AlphabetThis mouth watering project is called 'Eat Me, The Candy Alphabet' and is by conceptual photographer and multimedia artist Massimo Gammacurta. To create the project Massimo made each candy sculpture and photographed them, he says the term 'Eat Me' portrays lust. We featured another candy based project by Massimo before, head over to 'The Lolli-POP Project' to see […]
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Konami is selling ‘Metal Gear Solid’ cardboard-box candy

We’re on the ground at Tokyo Game Show 2014, and the first and best thing that I’ve seen so far is this amazing Metal Gear Solid-themed cardboard-box candy at Konami’s merchandise stall. Available in Chocolate Crunch flavor, one size, and multiple colors for ¥640 (about $ 6), what it lacks in stealth functionality it makes up for in edibility.

Stay tuned to The Verge for more coverage out of TGS 2014.

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20 Deliciously Creative Candy Branding Examples

Everyone gets a little craving for something sweet once in a while. So how does one decide which sugary treat to get? Well, more often than not, it usually comes down to the packaging. Believe it or not, the way a candy is packaged and branded can have a huge impact on its potential customers.

Moreover, the competition among candy retailers is in full force, so quirky and creative package design is definitely the best way to increase sales. Here you’ll be able to find 20 creative candy branding examples that I’ve put together. From adorable red fishes in an envelope to finger candy that’ll confuse you, these unusual candy branding examples will have you wondering if you’re on a sugar high.

Candy Craft Branding by Dylan Wright. Simple and effective with its use of the products, this candy craft logo just pops out at you!

Sweet Botanicals by Miguel Yatco. Not all candy packaging has to be colorful and loud, these ones are not only sweet but sophisticated too.

Jelly.holic by Đức Hữu. Sometimes you just have to let the product do the talking and the jelly beans are definitely speaking for themselves.

Lifeboats Branding by Vicki Turner. Set sail for some yummy candy in your tummy.

Sweet Botanicals by Meghan Calabro. A pleasing and colorful wrapper can make all the difference in enjoying your treat.

Brooks Brothers x Swedish Fish by Miguel Yatco. It may seem like an odd combination but you’ll definitely want these cute fishes to swim in your direction.

Uppers and Downers Promo Gift by Marx Design. You won’t find these just any regular pharmacy. Whatever your mood may be, there’s a candy available to aid in your dilemma.

Sugarpova by RED ANTLER. Your lips can say a lot about you and Maria Sharapova’s premium candy line uses different lips to convey various personalities.

ПАЛЬЧИКИ ОБЛИЖЕШЬ / FINGER-LICKIN by Constantin Bolimond and Tamara Vareyko. This is a humorous take on the brand’s identity of being finger-licking.

Allsorts by BOND Creative Agency and Marko Salonen. A good indicator of the candied delights that await you inside the box.

Karamelleriet by Bessermachen DesignStudio. The patience and craft behind these handmade caramels are complemented by the simple but effective packaging.

M&M’s Packaging by Christina Bull. No more having to sort the m&m’s out according to color with this nifty little case.

Chop pop by alex la chance. It may be a design for lollipops for men but no sucky packaging here.

Happy Pills by Marion Donneweg. You don’t need a prescription for these happy pills. Just make a trip to the candy store.

Arctic Candy by Neue. The design on this little tin is berry, oops, I mean very, nicely done.

Candy King by BVD. All hail candy! The true problem solver of everything!

SWEET TOOTH CHOCOLATE by Chrystian Guillermo. Using the product in the logo itself in a subtle way makes for a simple yet satisfying branding technique.

Sofie´s søtsaker by Karine Kimo Pedersen. A vintage feel doesn’t have to be a cliche for candy brands. This one makes classic a classy statement too.

The Sweet Taste of Brand Success by Workbrands Ltd, bObby peliza and Tom Ovens. What do artisan truffles and Workbrands have in common? They’re both pretty exquisite.

Yumbers by blanka kvetonova. Sometimes, all it takes is a little flower power for a retro candy to stand out.

Artists design iconic architecture using only gingerbread and candy

The designs of such architects as Frank Lloyd Wright and I.M. Pei are unmistakable — most people would recognize the Louvre or Guggenheim Museum anywhere and in any medium. For better or worse, so is the Candyland-esque aesthetic of the gingerbread houses people see around the holidays. Artists Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin decided to play with those ideas, recreating famous museums and galleries from around the world using only gingerbread and candy.

The pair showcased Gingerbread and Candy Art Galleries at Miami’s Art Basel festival earlier this month. Each image of their sculpture is shot in black and white, “a deliberate antidote to the vivid colors and sweetness” associated with gingerbread houses.

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30+ Yummy Dessert and Candy Website Designs

There’s nothing like looking at pictures of candy or desserts to get the mouth watering. For designers, viewing creative designs can have a very similar affect! Sometimes just even the sight of a unique font or clever use of texture can cause a creative mind to start “watering” with ideas.

The following list of websites are all dessert, bakery, or candy websites – and all are designs that have more than a few inspiring aspects. A few are amazingly easy to navigate along with a clever design. Others have a beautiful home page, while some are creatively interactive. A few contain photography too brilliant to pass up. Some of the best below will get both your saliva and creative juices flowing, so you may want to have your favorite treat to munch on as well as a pen and paper handy for phenomenal design ideas that appear due to inspiration.

Be sure to share which are your favorites or even those you think are not worthy of inclusion in this collection. If you have a favorite dessert or candy website design that’s not included in this list, tell us about it!

Wonka: Feed Your Imagination

Hershey’s Almond Joy and Mounds

Hershey’s Bliss

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Sweet Street Desserts

The Dessert Lady

Haagen Dazs



Just Desserts

Desserts by Lori

Chocolate Covered Katie

Ooh La La Sweets

Crave The Dessert Bar

Cold Stone Creamery

Pepperidge Farm Cookies

Hammond’s Candies


Zingerman’s Candy

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Susie’s Cakes


Famous Cookies

Candy Bouquet


Sugar Pop’s

Flix Candy

Hoosier Mama Pie Company

Pie Corps Sweet and Savory

Caveman Cookies

Bouchon Bakery

Pie Sisters

Otterbein’s Bakery

Paradise Bakery: Giant Cookie

Emporium Pies

One Tough Cookie

Crown Candy Kitchen

Vandelay Design Blog

This candy trip showreel will sizzle your retinas

Read more about This candy trip showreel will sizzle your retinas at

vimeo: 72647717 Warsaw-based duo Kuba Matyka and Kamila Staszczyszyn started working together under the alias Fafankula 18 months ago, at which point, Matyka admits, they “didn’t really know anything about animation”. The duo have since taught themselves Cinema 4D, V-Ray, Maya and RealFlow.

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The Bar Collection by Zoë’s Chocolate Co.: A historic chocolate family brings candy bars to modern times

The Bar Collection by Zoë's Chocolate Co.

Third generation chocolatiers, the three founders of Zoe’s Chocolate Co. also happen to be siblings, and such a tight knit familial collaboration lends itself to such stunning chocolates. Zoë and Pantelis manage various business aspects while…

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Photography series reveals the colour of candy

Emily Blincoe combines her love of sweet treats with a keen understanding of colour in this delicious new photo series.


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QUIN Candy: Fruit-based, natural handmade candies from the Northwest

QUIN Candy

On a recent trip to the City of Roses we wandered upon QUIN, an ingredient-driven candy shop in the newly opened Union Way…

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