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Tokyo Camera Style: A photo book of rare, custom and beautiful cameras found on the most stylish streets of Japan’s capital

Tokyo Camera Style

Though smartphones might take the bulk of our daily point-and-shoot photography, street shooting with film is alive and well—especially in Tokyo. Throughout the ’90s and early aughts, Japanese camera-makers from Contax to Nikon produced a range of……

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Word of Mouth: Addis Ababa: On the cusp of a renaissance, the Ethiopian capital packs plenty of charm off the beaten path

Word of Mouth: Addis Ababa

by Jenny Miller

Addis Ababa is a capital on the up-and-up. As the gateway to the rest of Ethiopia and its beguiling landscape, Addis is a city of almost constant sunshine and, in recent years, construction dust. Countless hotels, a light rail system……

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Word of Mouth: Edinburgh : Six must-stop spots in Scotland’s exquisite capital city

Word of Mouth: Edinburgh

A mythical city tucked beneath the gaze of a magnificent castle, Edinburgh draws hordes of annual visitors—be that for its position beside the whisky world, proximity to historic golf courses, or the acclaimed annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Tucked……

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Three New Juice Spots in Berlin: Nourishing beverages for all your health and hangover needs in the German capital

Three New Juice Spots in Berlin

by Shawn Thompson With the juicing craze already in full swing around the world in cities like New York, Sydney and London, Berlin was a little slow to the game. The German capital has stepped up however with the arrival of three new cold-press juice vendors serving up delicious…

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12 Useful Capital Fonts Free To Download

In this collection, you will find 12 awesome and wonderful capital fonts that can be used in almost any type of project. If you want some exciting and outstanding results then use these capital fonts. If you play creatively and smartly with width and thickness of the font, you can take your project to the next level of creativity.

So, why you are wasting your precious time? Come and scroll down this wonderful collection and choose the fonts you like and download it completely free. You can also share your suggestion and opinion with us via our comment section below. And you can also share this collection with your social media friends.

Headliner No. 45 font

Adam CG Pro

High on Fire Font

KG All of Me font

Code Free Font


Intro Condensed

Moderne Sans




Fancy Me

The London EDITION: Take a break from the bustle of the UK capital in these opulent Ian Schrager-designed digs

The London EDITION

As the holiday season draws near, shopping and socializing become an increased part of the Western world’s normal routine. For stylish Londoners, the EDITION Hotel—Marriott’s new opulent digs conceived by ); return…

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Word of Mouth: 7th District, Budapest: Vintage shops, creative hangouts and delectable ice cream in our guide to navigating Hungary’s diverse capital

Word of Mouth: 7th District, Budapest

by Anya Lawrence In the midst of a cultural upheaval, Budapest is rapidly becoming the vibrant creative mecca of Central Europe. Its plentiful offering of baroque thermal baths and classically beautiful architecture alongside a bevy of superb yet affordable eateries has long made the Hungarian capital high on the list…

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Word of Mouth Florence: Food + Drink: A quick guide to some of the time-honored specialists making the Tuscan capital a must-visit culinary destination

Word of Mouth Florence: Food + Drink

There’s no shortage of tips for Italy’s wildly popular Tuscan capital, but with so many tourist offerings pumping through the historic town of Florence, it’s easy to end up eating a subpar pizza near the steps of the illustrious Duomo. Venturing into any trattoria in the Santo Spirito neighborhood on…

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Lethal injection pioneer talks about his influence on capital punishment

In 1977, Dr. Jay Chapman introduced a three-drug cocktail as a more humane alternative to existing execution methods. It later became standard practice across the United States. In spite of that, Chapman tells Time it was a “very, very minor blip” on the work that he did. “My purpose in Oklahoma was to establish a system for the investigation of human death,” he says, describing his involvement with lethal injections as a “pure sidelight.” Chapman also discusses his stance on capital punishment and the history behind the “Chapman’s Protocol” in a rare interview with Time.

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The Country of Summer Insects: A nostalgic animated film by Chinese artist Tang Bohua, on the capital city of fireworks

The Country of Summer Insects

Tang Bohua (TBH) was born in Liuyang, Hunan Province—the Chinese capital of fireworks—a city scattered with Buddhist temples where the locals would ask for protection from the hazards of their risky craft. During his childhood, temples were TBH’s playground. He was immersed in…

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