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Enter to win your chance at a Macbook Pro

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Does your laptop leave you wanting? Are you in need of tech refresher? Then the Macbook Pro Giveaway taking place right now is exactly what you’re looking for. Enter for your chance to win an all new computer from Apple, absolutely free!

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Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co: Each pound of beans sold gives one pooch a second chance

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co

One morning in Santa Monica, CA coffee-lover Jordan Karcher happened upon a dog adoption event. With no initial preparation or planning, he walked home that same day with a malnourished dalmatian Molly. Inspired by the positive impact Molly has had……

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Enter for your chance to win a 3D projector

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When you daydream about what you’d do with unlimited money, how long does it take before your mind wanders to your own personal movie theater? Well, you don’t have to wait to win the lottery to make it happen. Just enter to win the 3D Projector Giveaway!

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Your Chance to Win a X Theme 3.0 License!

Are you still wrestling with creating WordPress websites better and faster? I have some good news: Themeco is giving away a license with the latest version of X Theme. Just follow the instructions at the end of this article and grab the top-selling theme for free.

X Theme: All-Rolled-Into-One now with Extensions

On Themeforest, X Theme continues to make a lot of noise, and has been termed the fastest selling product ever. Its ‘acolytes’ so far rise to 36K, and have many words of praise about the customer support, flexibility, design quality, and overall versatility that they’ve encountered with this theme.

The most impressive achievement yet is version 3.0 with free extensions. These self-made and ‘tweaked’ WordPress plugins from Themeco are optimized for peak performance within X Theme, and can’t be used (or indeed, found) independently from it. All extensions are forever attached to free and automatic lifetime updates.

Four individual designs are built into X: Ethos, Icon, Renew, and Integrity. More Stacks are expected any moment now, yet the existing ones already cover a lot of possibilities. They will help you make business or product websites, blogs or web stores, and even news or magazine sites. You have 30+ demos, educational videos, and a top-rate support to get the full measure of these Stacks.

The other features from X are no less wholesome. You have countless options to customize the theme, and a live preview function. Besides, 40 extremely useful shortcodes are also part of the bargain.

‘Completely solid design, ridiculously customizable, and the support forum is easily the best I’ve used ever, for anything. Ever. Just get X.’

Get Lucky!

Win yourself a free copy of X Theme and relish in the marvelous 3.0 extensions! All you must do is log in to Rafflecopter, and then wait one week to see if you’ve won. Not a big fan of waiting? Click the button below and bag X Theme sooner!

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Today’s your last chance to spend $1,500 on Google Glass

We’ve got to imagine that anyone who wanted the current incarnation of Google Glass has already purchased it by now. But if you’ve been saving up your change to reach the Explorer Edition’s astronomical $ 1,500 asking price, today’s your last chance to place an order on Google Play.

As we learned last week, once the clock strikes midnight, Google will halt sales of Google Glass as we’ve come to know it over the last two years. (The Glass at Work program will continue on, however.) There’s no longer any software roadmap to point to, so don’t expect much in the way of improvements or new features. If you’re buying Glass now, you should be happy with what it does right now. Because odds are, that’s the way it’s staying forever. It’ll take…

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Your 15 Minutes Await With Absolut’s Andy Warhol Art Exchange: The renowned vodka brand’s creative endeavor includes the chance to win a photograph by the grandfather of Pop Art himself

Your 15 Minutes Await With Absolut's Andy Warhol Art Exchange

As the grandfather of Pop Art, Andy Warhol and his legacy are those of appropriation. Already canonical, his images become increasingly powerful the more they are repeated and translated into new mediums. For their latest collaboration, Absolut is……

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Last chance for a lifetime of premium UI and design resources

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A good artist is capable of making due with whatever they have around, but a little extra preparation has never hurt anybody.

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Tonight is your last chance to watch ‘Apocalypse Now’ and ‘Say Anything’ on Netflix

Looking for some scary (or maybe not-so-scary) movies to binge on along with your Halloween candy tonight? If you’re a Netflix subscriber, here’s the list you should check out first, because all of these titles will be disappearing come November 1st. As is the case every month, Netflix is rotating out some of its vast library of movie titles and replacing them with new ones. The reasons have to do with the licensing agreements Netflix makes with with content providers, which generally limit streaming rights for specific titles to only a few months. For us avid viewers, it means we all have to make a choice on what movies we want to catch before they turn into a pumpkin disappear from Big Red forever. I’ve tried to help with some of my…

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Last chance to get lifetime access to pro WordPress themes

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When you want to take your work to the web, your best friend is WordPress. The extremely customizable platform is capable of being whatever you want it to be – from a visual portfolio to an online store. To get the look and functionality you want, you can count on professionally made WordPress themes from Tesla Themes. You can get lifetime access on sale for just $ 69. But act fast, because this deal is about to end!

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Preloved Roots Garden Nursery: A haven for neglected plants offering a chance at a second home

Preloved Roots Garden Nursery

Not everybody has a green thumb—and sometimes it takes a plant-related failure to realize this. As a resource for such situations, Sydney, Australia’s Preloved Roots provides an alternate ending. In a way, it’s an orphanage for…

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