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Quit your day job and help change the world

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youtube: LnfgcVSWX2I?list=PLb_ziuDPiUzYpkUsqcAtx1OG728lDdisP Generate New York, this April’s conference for web designers, is all set to run a series of talks by the most inspiring people working in and around web design.

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10 web design trends that will change everything in 2015

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In 2014, the biggest web design trends included: grid layouts, flat design, background videos, and the increasing capabilities of HTML5 APIs. So which trends, technologies and techniques will define 2015? net magazine set out to uncover them by asking 20 of the web’s brightest designers, developers and thinkers.  Here’s our list of 2015’s defining trends. Some ideas are featured in net magazine’s feature. Most contained here are exclusive, and you won’t read them anywhere else.

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Super Chunk Sweets and Treats: Adventurous flavor combinations like bacon caramel popcorn and candied jalapeño cookies change up the snack game in Scottsdale

Super Chunk Sweets and Treats

Banish any and all New Years Resolutions. Blue cheese and fig caramels, duck fat toffee, mesquite chocolate chip cookies, bacon caramel corn popcorn and the mysterious-sounding Cowpuncher (a chocolate cocoa cookie topped with a candied jalapeño……

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Why motion capture is set to radically change in 2015

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youtube: Motion capture effectively allows shooting infinite angles in one take. This enables you to defer some of the decision-making process to later in the production pipeline and allows for creative flexibility.

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5 new animation trends for 2015 that will change everything

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Whether CG or traditional, animation isn’t just about the big Hollywood movies. It’s a discipline in demand across a range of media channels, from apps to advertising, websites to music videos and beyond. Plus the distinction between live action and animation is narrowing all the time, as shown in two of the biggest hits of the year, Guardians of the Galaxy and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which depended as much on the believability of their animated/motion captured characters as much as the ‘real actors’.  

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Amazon tells FAA to change drone laws or it’ll move research abroad

Amazon has warned the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) that if it doesn’t relax its attitude towards drone regulation then the internet giant will be forced to move its research teams out of the country.

“Without the ability to test outdoors in the United States soon, we will have no choice but to divert even more of our [drone] research and development resources abroad,” said Amazon’s vice president of global public policy Paul Misener in a letter to the FAA seen by the Wall Street Journal. “I fear the FAA may be questioning the fundamental benefits of keeping [drone] technology innovation in the United States,” said Misener.

Amazon is already experimenting with drones in the UK

Amazon’s plan to introduce delivery-by-drone in its…

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Change the colour of multiple elements with Photoshop Smart Objects

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Whether you’re working on a website, mobile app or even a brochure layout, there is always a period of time before you’ve fully locked down your colour palette. Even when you have, you may not know where each of the colours will be applied or if there will be lighter or darker shades used in certain instances. The subtle differences between #ccc and #aaa are significant enough that you may want to try multiple variations of colours in that range before you find the perfect grey.

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15 Tools That Will Change How Your Web Design/Development Team Collaborates

If you’re in charge of a small creative agency, don’t make the mistake of thinking that there is no need for careful project management. You wouldn’t believe how many collaboration and market advantages arise if you just pay a little attention to the details of your teamwork routine.

Don’t think for a second that you need some special qualifications to handle your own projects. At a start-up level, you only need to know your own business, and be willing to give formal collaboration software a chance. The following 15 recommendations are ideal to start with, if you’re a creative person and likely to be a complete stranger to semi-automated solutions of this type.


My opening vote goes to Paymo, a start-up-focused platform that paves the way for simple project management and supports elegant team collaboration. As soon as you meet its dashboard, the first impression that arises is one of utter control. It is up to you to decide what the overview expresses, but ongoing projects, your most important clients, a timesheet and the input working hours of your team shouldn’t be missing.

Paymo particularly responds to creative teams that are at the beginning of the road. It fits like a glove, when your intention is to manage tasks and track time in an orderly manner, and so avoid common mistakes as you tackle a multitude of projects. Stress can be a negative factor when you’re feeling overwhelmed, and this platform has the antidote. Use recurring templates for company projects, and choose some for the e-mails meant for your clients, too. In terms of accessibility, you won’t find any faults with Paymo: it supports 16 languages, has widgets for Mac + Windows, and can be used as a mobile app.

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Entrepreneurs who lead web design and development companies are essentially creative individuals who appreciate logical structures and visual clarity. That explains why each and every project has to include crystal-clear diagrams that show how the budget is to be spend. Besides, the diagrams have to look splendid. Why bother to create them from A to Z every time you get started on a database, sitemap, UI or UML mockup?

Go forward with a solution like Creately, instead. Its utility is unmistakable. Creately enables live whiteboard sessions and offers diagram templates that are prepped for lightning-fast customization – along with a smart shapes feature to cut down diagrams and convert text into graphics. All in all, you wouldn’t believe how much of your team’s energy and time this solution saves.


If you happen to have just two other colleagues, or you’re basically a one-man company, then I would like to suggest you take TeamGantt for a spin – it doesn’t cost a dime for 30 days. See how you get along with this platform when it comes to setting baselines for your projects, assigning tasks and task dependencies, and monitoring your schedule straight from the desktop calendar.

TeamGantt is salvation for those of us who joggle with spreadsheets. As you take up more and more projects, sometimes you carelessly close an old spreadsheet. When that realization hits you, you open it again, then complete the tasks that were left and send messages to coworkers and clients, citing those updates. That is one problem you’ll never have to encounter again, due to TeamGantt, the project management platform that lets you monitor all projects in a centralized location.


How about a project management tool that also acknowledges the priceless value of staying informed within the crowded setting of today’s web design and web development industry? Crowdbase is unique, insofar as it empowers your team to grab all the available intelligence about competitive companies and the market at large. Hence, you can use it as leverage. With Crowdbase, you are able to see activity reports and stats, share any type of files with the user groups you establish, and discuss them.


Is your team is delivering new creative solutions fast enough? No matter you’re across the hall or across the country, Wrike will help you act at full capacity. It lets you share milestones, upload and discuss mocks, and track progress, – all in real time. It allows for a multitude of users to create task requirements and modify documents, simultaneously. As soon as a mock is uploaded, a feedback is added, and a task is completed, you’ll be the first to know, even if you are on the go.


How do you usually go about gathering feedback on your unfinished prototypes? Does it involve sending files back and forth within you team and eventually towards your clients, pending further comments and approval? Why don’t you spare yourself some headaches, and enlist software that helps you display static layouts as comprehensive prototypes for the web/mobile? Notism is a visual feedback platform that will get you constructive input at crucial stages of your product’s development, and in record time.


In case you’re fed up with attending meetings for updates on a project, then it’s high time you embraced the future of team collaboration. It won’t be long before every small- to medium-sized business reaches out to web based solutions in order to manage their resources and project tasks. Teamfocus does exactly what the name says, it provides a simple way for your team members to collaborate and update each other, so the main focus falls on sharing.

It is common knowledge that face-to-face meetings tend to stretch endlessly, and use up a lot of everyone’s time because it usually takes too long to reach unanimous consensus in a certain matter. Well, here’s what you can do about that. You can turn to management software whereby your team members cast their votes nice and quick, which speeds up the project’s overall progress. would be a fine choice, and a great canvas to express views by dropping content.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could deal with project scheduling as casually as you deal with the projects themselves? Believe it or not, you’re not facing an impossible mission. Project management is a an art in itself, so why not tackle it in a visual manner? Give Casual a try. With this tool, you may plan out every stage of your project like drawing a flowchart. What is more, you should save each project you complete, and use templates to save time in the long run.


Every crash course in project management is bound to begin by underlining the importance of knowing what you want to obtain. And think what you like, but lists get things done. They set a plan in motion. Wunderlist is a simple platform that lets you plan specific goals, for you and your team to work towards.


Don’t you just love it when you come across proficient tools, find that they’re actually free of charge,and can’t believe your luck? I’ve only just had this pleasant thrill upon discovering Hall. It supports cross-platform collaboration within web design teams, not to mention that it encrypts all of your data.


Since we’re all part of a business that revolves around visual creativity, it’s only natural to feel drawn to solutions that give us a visual environment to do our work in. ViewFlux is one of the best examples. During a project, store your source files here and invite coworkers plus clients to offer feedback on prototypes.


It’s totally understandable that, if you’re going to give formal project management a shot, you don’t want to be forced into putting in lots of overtime to get the hang of it. Twoodo is basically devoid of a learning curve, so you can can organize departments, and forget about forms and templates – simply generate workflow from discussions.


In all likelihood, it’s much easier for every creative individual to organize over a project by pinning various information and to-dos on a board, and have the broader picture in front of their eyes. Trello functions on the board principle, and allows you to add visual card after visual card until you complete a list of lists.


Managing your team can be as enjoyable as getting together on a social network. Yammer is a notorious collaboration tool that unites teams towards a common goal, and does away with org charts in the process. It creates optimum conditions for your team to brainstorm comfortably, and makes sure that everyone is notified of updates.


In the end, project management is not such a far out issue. Relatively small creative teams, who organize better, deliver the best results, hence undermine their competition and get more clients. More business means your company will bloom, and your team-expand. All in all, these web-based solutions could really be of service, and help you achieve your short- and long-term goals. Tell us, did you like either one of them above the rest, and why so? We’re looking forward to your feedback.

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10 Google Chrome Extensions To Change Your Internet Experience

Do you use Google Chrome for web browsing? Well, millions of users all over the world prefer to use Google Chrome for web browsing that makes it the second most used web browser worldwide. Google Chrome is fast and comes with a clean interface and swift performance. Furthermore, its easy syncing ability with mobile devices makes it a preferred choice of young generation.

Apart from that, there are plenty of useful extensions that are available on the Chrome Web Store. These extensions are meant to further enhance the web browsing experience. Here, we have listed 10 best Google Chrome extensions that can literally change your internet experience. Have a look!

Search by Image

This extension allows you to initiate a Google search using any image on the web. By the Google Images team.

Text Mode

Browse the web without distractions via simple text based pages.

Cloudy for Gmail™

Gmail™ attachments from the cloud! Attach files effortlessly from Dropbox, Box, GDrive, Facebook, Instagram, Evernote and many more.

RSS Feed Reader

Get a simple overview of your RSS and Atom feeds in the toolbar.

Lazarus: Form Recovery

Autosaves everything you type so you can easily recover from form-killing timeouts, crashes and network errors.

Awesome New Tab Page

Enhance your New Tab Page with ultimate customizability and power. Awesome, like you.



Automatically save time and money with the Honey shopping assistant.

Evernote Web Clipper

Collect the best of the web, all in one place. Quickly and easily clip articles, text, and images right into Evernote.


The physical web arrives – here’s why it will change your life

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With the cost of microprocessors plummeting, we’re in a situation where nearly any consumer device can become ‘smart’. This could mean:

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