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10 ways to supercharge your YouTube channel

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Used cleverly, YouTube can be a powerful self-promotional tool for designers and creatives. With over 1 billion unique users visiting the site each month, if you can stand out from the crowd you’ll give your work a global audience. So how do you cut through the noise? How can you make your YouTube channel stand out from the rest – and what are the best ways to attract more viewers? 

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Film4 reinvents the movie channel ident

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vimeo: 104964223 Film4, the UK’s number one movie channel, has revealed a refreshed on-air brand identity that draws cleverly on the traditional film strip. A reinvention of the channel’s pre-existing idents, which were introduced when Film4 became free-to-air in 2006, the new idents, shot across five different locations, pay homage to moments of cinematic history whilst including covert references for the more discerning film fan. (How many can you spot?)

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Microsoft launches Internet Explorer Developer Channel

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Microsoft has made good on its promise to increase communication with the web developer community by launching a version of IE that enables exploration and testing of upcoming features.

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‘Thrill of Discovery’: A Digital Masterpiece for the Discovery Channel (+Progress Shots)

13The Discovery Channel is well known for their diverse and popular TV programming, and back in 2012 they commissioned this fantastic digital piece of art entitled "Thrill of Discovery" to help with one of their advertising campaigns. This particular piece was directed by Ars Thenea, an incredible digital art agency with a diverse portfolio from Poland. […]
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Beer bottles and pastel patterns for new TV channel branding

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We’ve fallen in love with the pastel patterns of this branding project This branding for new TV channel The Studio – a channel based on Contemporary Art and Design – is about as beautiful as branding gets.

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GoPro channel coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One later this year

It’s no secret that Microsoft has been pushing hard to get video content onto the Xbox One, and there will soon be a new channel. A GoPro channel will launch on the Xbox 360 this spring, with an Xbox One version following up this summer. A representative tells The Verge that the channel will be similar to the one it launched on Virgin America flights in the US this past October, and is being made as part of a partnership with Microsoft. It will include videos all created by GoPro itself — the channel will not include user-generated content, at least at first. In addition to the channel, there’ll be a prominent section where you’ll be able to buy a GoPro camera or other accessories and mounts directly from your Xbox, and purchases will…

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Weird and wonderful TV idents promote US Science channel

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youtube: qhkBw-_lwzs Having seen Blacklist’s previous work, the Science Channel contacted the studio to commission some new channel idents. It wanted the channel and its content to look modern and exciting and knew that Blacklist was the go-to firm to get that look.

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PARTIMI : Eleanor Dorrien-Smith’s locally produced AW ’13 collection, inspired by the Channel Islands and young adult books, makes its US debut


Ethical production doesn’t always result in the most fashion-forward apparel. But that’s absolutely not the case with London-based designer Eleanor Dorrien-Smith, whose past experiences include working for John Galliano, Mary Katrantzou, Eley Kishimoto and Anthropologie. Proving high style can be synonymous with sustainability,…

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Creative Bloq launches its own YouTube channel

We’ve just made our first move into video! Check out the great Photoshop tutorials we’ve just posted.


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New channel stings from ident guru MTV

The latest idents for MTV Idol are a bold mix of colour, character design, and 3D motion graphics. Watch them in action now…

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