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Announcement: Winners of Christmas & New Year Giveaway

A weeks ago, we created a contest at instantShift called Christmas & New Year Special Giveaway had announced the 2 winners of iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6 (total value of ~ $ 1700).

Announcement: Winners of Christmas & New Year Giveaway

We’ve got more than 200 response comments. After voiding spam and non-legit comments we have left with 173 valid comments. It’s really good to see that how we can able to help in our reader’s life and their profession.

In case, If you missed this giveaway, make sure you are ready for next one as we going to create more such giveaways in future.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Apple iPad Air 2 & iPhone 6

instantShift - Christmas & New Year Special Giveaway Prizes

Prize: 1 iPad Air 2 with Wi-Fi + Cellular 128GB with iPad Smart Cover (worth $ 829 total) and 1 iPhone 6 Unlocked 128GB (worth $ 849 total)


Following Winner are selected randomly from the comments & table of Christmas & New Year Special Giveaway Post.

  1. Shauna GatesiPad Air 2
  2. LauraiPhone 6

Congratulations to the winner! We’ve already contacted the winners. The prizes will be shipped soon.


Good luck, and be sure to subscribe to our RSS-feed and follow us on Twitter to find out if you’re a winner. And also for recent updates as more giveaways are planned in the near future.

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Apple accounts for 51 percent of new mobile activations this Christmas

Christmas Day is a always a good yardstick for success in the mobile industry. New devices are unwrapped and activated, and manufacturers get a clear idea of how they compare to their rivals. This year, however, it wasn’t difficult to work out a winner: Apple easily beat off the competition, with analytics company Flurry reporting that the iPhones and iPads accounted for 51 percent of all new devices activated worldwide. The iPhone 6 was the most commonly activated device overall, while the iPhone 6 Plus was also in the top five.

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PlayStation Network back online nearly three days after Christmas attack

This long holiday weekend hasn’t been a good one for gamers. Both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network were taken offline over Christmas, just as hundreds of thousands unwrapped their new consoles and plugged them in for the first time. But now, nearly three days after both services went offline, gamers are now free to play online once again.

PSN was down for the count

PlayStation Network engineers brought the service back online on Saturday, and Microsoft had Xbox Live back up and running on Friday. Sony has confirmed in a blog post that its network was victim to a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), which overwhelmed its servers with “artificial,” or junk traffic. It’s believed Xbox Live was subjected to the same attack.


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Free Christmas Fonts Taking the Form of 2015 Calendar

The blog post contains 12 beautiful Christmas fonts in the form of a holiday calendar, which you can set as a desktop image and peep into every time you need.

People are unwrapping drones for Christmas and it’s not going so well

Thanks to the massive rise in of consumer drones, one of the most popular items under the tree this year is likely to have four rotors and a camera. The FAA even released a video this week that proposes best practices to help people “stay off the naughty list” as they play with their airborne gifts.

Drones are no longer specialty items, they come in all shapes and sizes. From DJI’s affordable film-quality options to Parrot’s toy-sized mini versions, they’ve practically become a stocking stuffer. And looking at social media, it appears some people are having a lot of fun with them already:

Nouveau jouet #toys#drone#gopro#Noël#family

A video posted by gherardi Loris (@vie_de_thug) on

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Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are having problems on Christmas Day

Reports have been flowing in on Twitter today that Xbox Live and PlayStation Network — the online services connecting Microsoft’s and Sony’s game consoles — are experiencing outages. Occasional downtime is par for the course for both, but Christmas Day is a particularly bad time, just as hundreds of thousands of PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones are unwrapped and set up.

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How a false chain email enlisted a writer in the ‘War on Christmas’

The so-called “War on Christmas” has been raging for years now, but so rarely do we hear about the casualties. At Backchannel, tech journalist Steven Levy explains how he was drafted against his will.

“I want to personally thank you for having the courage to share this with the world.”

At the end of every year, Levy explains, he begins receiving a trickle of emails that begin something like this: “Mr. Levy: I want to personally thank you for having the courage to share this with the world.”

What the letters refer to, it seems, is a chain email called “My Confession,” sourced to Levy. The email rants against the Obama White House for using the term “holiday tree” (a false assertion, apparently) and, more broadly, claims the Founding…

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Merry Christmas! The NSA’s gift is a list of all the times it wrongly spied on you

If you want to release something no one will pay attention to, what time’s better than Christmas Eve? At least, that appeared to be the National Security Agency’s thinking. Last night, the NSA released reports detailing all the times they’ve illegally spied on American citizens. Ho ho ho!

the redactions make it hard to judge how often privacy violations happenThe heavily-redacted documents were released in response to a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union under the Freedom of Information Act. Many of these privacy violations have been previously reported on, but these documents show new specifics. A series of annual and quarterly reports from 2001 through the second quarter of 2013 are now available for perusal, and…

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Merry Christmas! Grab your free festive wallpaper by Geo Law

Read more about Merry Christmas! Grab your free festive wallpaper by Geo Law at

Merry Christmas everyone! We’re starting the gift giving early here at Creative Bloq with this awesome Xmas-inspired freebie. Yes, once again, we’ve teamed up with another brilliant designer to bring you this gorgeous wallpaper for your smartphone, tablet and desktop. 

Creative Bloq

It’s OK if you don’t watch The Interview on Christmas, or ever

There was never any question this week that I would be spending part of my Christmas watching The Interview. When it was announced the morning that the film would get an online release at 10 a.m. PST, without missing a beat I yelled to my mom in the next room (who I am currently visiting for the holidays) that we would have to cancel a day trip we had planned. Welcome to the hot take workshop: when a story snowballs to the proportion that the Sony hack and near-non-release of The Interview has, a certain kind of professional easily becomes a slave to the feeds and the whims of the individuals at the center of the story.

But having now finally watched Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and screenwriter Dan Sterling’s film, I can confirm with…

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