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Singles Club Year Two: Brooklyn’s vinyl subscription service sets its sight on new musical styles, launching into its second year with Monster Rally

Singles Club Year Two

These days, many see vinyl records as coveted relics of interest for a niche audience, though in fact international sales hit a two-decade high in 2014 with six million LPs sold in the US alone. While some chalk this up to a widespread vintage fetish……

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Diane Inc’s Larry David T-Shirt: Avoid awkward conversations with the “Anti-Social Club” top by the Melbourne-based brand

Diane Inc's Larry David T-Shirt

‘Tis the season for holiday parties and spending time with work colleagues, immediate family, in-laws, second cousin’s children, etc. The tidal wave of small talk can become too much for introverts and quiet types, so if you want to send a message……

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Long Player Football Club Puts Iconic Players On Album Covers

’Twas the eve before FIFA World Cup, when all through the world, people were professing their love for the noble sport that is football (not soccer, my dear American friends, the players actually strike the ball with their foot, hence the name football). Let’s not dwell on the horrid, horrid official typeface Pagode Bold – the facepalm in the official logo accurately expresses the reaction of the collective typographic community to this train wreck. Well, let’s dwell on it a tiny bit, and compare it to the splendid Rio 2016 font by Dalton Maag for the Olympics in the same country. Point made. But I digress… I would like to take a look at a marvellous project by James Campbell Taylor of Pennarello. The artist behind the World Cup 1930-2014 poster project re-imagined iconic football players as pop stars and put them on album covers for LPFC (short for Long Player Football Club).

Freestyle Script | Blackoak

The premise for the LPFC gallery is simple: “What if the football heroes of the past fifty years had been pop stars?” Starting from this basic idea, James Campbell Taylor combined two of his two passions. On the one hand the British-born, New York-based graphic designers collects old jerseys, writes about football and lost his heart to this sport. On the other hand he loves vinyl. A few years ago his wife gave him a record player, and since then their New York apartment has been filling up with records. With the upcoming World Cup in mind, Taylor designed sleeves for fictional long players for 24 iconic players.

Turnpike (Wide Grotesque) | Coronet

The football fan in James Campbell Taylor selected players with a high mythical value, while the music lover in him connected them to music genres and thought up fitting album titles. Finally the graphic designer created artwork in a style that was fashionable at the high-point of their careers and links to their nationality. The designs are smart and simply beautiful. Whereas many similar projects suffer in various degrees of inadequate typography, here Taylor hits all the right notes. Taylor’s attention for detail is impressive, from colour palette and typographic style to the logos of the record labels, catalogue numbers and the occasional signature. The wear adds the right touch of vintage to the two dozen designs. More than a stylistic exercise, it suggests that – just like the football players – vinyl always stays authentic, despite the wear and the lack of playing.

Monotype Engravers (Wide Engraved Serif Caps)

AW Conqueror Didot (Didone) | Bodoni

Bodoni MT Poster (Extra Bold: Didone) | Deming EP (Wood Type: Wide Slab)

Century Gothic

Aldo (Stencil: Display) | Bodoni

Cooper Black

Geo Sans (Futura Alternatives)

ITC Souvenir

Helvetica (Neue Haas Grotesk, Helvetica Alternatives)

Big Mummy

Trade Gothic (Trade/News/Franklin Gothic Alternatives)

Phat Phreddy (Koloss)

Aldine Expanded | Bodoni


Arvil Sans

Franklin Gothic (Trade/News/Franklin Gothic Alternatives)

Stencil (Stencil: Headline)

ITC Franklin Gothic (Trade/News/Franklin Gothic Alternatives)

Steelfish (Extra Bold: Compact Sans Serifs) | ITC Franklin Gothic (Trade/News/Franklin Gothic Alternatives)

Steelfish (Extra Bold: Compact Sans Serifs) | ITC Franklin Gothic (Trade/News/Franklin Gothic Alternatives)

Impact Label (FF Dynamoe)

Bemio | Trade Gothic (Trade/News/Franklin Gothic Alternatives)

The FontShop FontFeed

Charged: Cory Arcangel’s Art and Apparel : An interview with the artist who teamed up with the computer club to discover rare Andy Warhol digital works

Charged: Cory Arcangel's Art and Apparel

by Michael Slenske In the early 2000s, Buffalo-born artist Cory Arcangel hacked the Hogan’s Alley video game and replaced the Nintendo gunslingers with silhouettes of Andy Warhol, Colonel Sanders, Flavor Flav and the Pope for…

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Link About It: This Week’s Picks : Crystal computers, NYC Club Kids, drinkable sunscreen and more in our weekly look at the web

Link About It: This Week's Picks

1. Disruptive by Design Telling the story of Oakley, from its humble beginnings to becoming one of the world’s leading eyewear innovators, the newly released “Disruptive by Design” is a brand film of rather impressive…

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[Giveaway] Comment To Win 6x WordPress Theme Club Memberships By Crocoblock

If you are a WordPress developer or designer, this giveaway is for you. We are giving away club membership for full access to more than 60 themes available at Crocoblock. Crocoblock is a new WordPress Theme club offering WordPress themes, Jigoshop themes and WooCommerce themes across 11 categories.

It is currently home to 66 themes, all powered by the Cherry Framework. Each week members get access to 2 more new and responsive themes like the ones below, plus great customer support, plenty of customization options for typography, sliders, e-Commerce plugins, theme color personalization etc.

On top of that, the themes are SEO-optimized, and can be localized in 4 languages: German, Italian, Spanish, Russian. Also included in the club memberships are custom widgets, a data management tool that also doubles as backup, and regular theme updates.

The Prizes

We are looking for 6 WINNERS to take home 6 prizes:

  • 1 Winner will get a 1-month subscription to the Premium Pack (worth $ 95)
  • 2 Winners will get a 1-month subscription to the Developer Pack (worth $ 75 each)
  • 3 Winners will get a 1-month subscription to the Standard Pack (worth $ 55 each)

For more info on what these packs contain, click here.

How To Win

In order to win, leave a comment telling us how you think Crocoblock can help your business. That’s it! The contest will end on May 26, 2014, so start writing!

Red Bull maps the history of UK club culture online

Read more about Red Bull maps the history of UK club culture online at

Red Bull’s Revolutions In Sound site is beautifully designed by Stinkdigital to create a place where people can reminisce about the 90s club scene, and where current and new clubbers can discover music and club nights.

Creative Bloq

Queen of the Night: Glitz, glamour and dance at the relaunch of NYC’s historic Diamond Horseshoe Club

Queen of the Night

75 years after its initial opening, the Paramount Hotel’s former vaudeville theater, the Diamond Horseshoe Club, opened its doors once more on 31 December 2013. There—with magic, majesty, surprise…

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Print Club Boston

I’m absolutely loving the first series of limited edition prints from Print Club Boston, an initiative by artist Elizabeth Corkery. Each series will be designed around a central theme, the first being The Trellis, which includes eight prints inspired by the structure of a garden trellis. Each piece is carefully screen printed by hand in the Boston area.

Print Club Boston / on Design Work Life

Print Club Boston / on Design Work Life

Design Work Life

Pyrography meets typography at The Type Director’s Club

Read more about Pyrography meets typography at The Type Director’s Club at

Typographic pyrography is the latest technique to be mastered by designer and experimental typographer Craig Ward.

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