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MINI Unveils Superleggera Vision Concept: British charm and Italian seductiveness are combined in a lustful little roadster

MINI Unveils Superleggera Vision Concept

On the eve of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este on Lake Como in Italy, MINI unveiled its Superleggera Vision, the first formal collaboration between the brand that loves…

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How feminism and commercialism combined to make ‘Camp Gyno’ a viral hit


“It’s like Santa. For your vagina!”

So goes the pitch for HelloFlo’s tampon subscription service, as said by a 12-year-old girl who styles herself the “camp gyno.” Over a roughly two-minute video, HelloFlo has neatly subverted the cliches of menstrual advertising — the gauzy cinematography, the euphemisms, the omnipresent blue syrup — and it’s paid off. Since its release on July 28th, the ad has racked up over 4 million views on YouTube, in part because of its snappy one-liners and clever premise. It’s also the latest in a line of commercials that spread because even as they try to sell you something, sharing them feels almost political.

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Mirrored Photographs Combined with Watercolor


Gorgeous artworks that blend mirrored photographs and watercolor. The mix of black and white photography with colorful watercolor works very well, thanks to Fabienne Rivory, a french artist. Via Colossal.





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