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Link About It: Beer for Cannabis Connoisseurs

Beer for Cannabis Connoisseurs

A new beer by Colorado-based brewery Oskar Blues keeps cannabis-inclined drinkers in mind. The new brew—dubbed “Pinner” (referring to the term used for small joints)—features a heavy, hoppy aroma that likens itself to the scent of marijuana. Alcohol……

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Google’s secret search trick will delight kerning connoisseurs

Read more about Google’s secret search trick will delight kerning connoisseurs at

Rememeber this? It seems Google has more kerning tricks up its sleeve

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Papá Andrés Rum: An opulent new sipping rum for collectors, explorers and connoisseurs

Papá Andrés Rum

Continuing on their path of creating high-end, sipping rums, Brugal has released Papá Andrés (named for the company’s founder, Don Andrés Brugal) with a limited edition run of just 500 bottles per year—with each year…

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Let’s Talk Coffee: Four day conference brings together the worlds most passionate coffee connoisseurs

Let's Talk Coffee

During Let’s Talk Coffee (LTC) conference, coffee farmers, importers, exporters, financiers, cafe owners, baristas, and the Sustainable Harvest staff gathered in the Rionegro region of Antioquia to do just that…talk about coffee. People from twenty-eight countries including South America, Central America, Mexico, Africa, Canada, the USA, India, and Europe…

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