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Control How Google Indexes Your Content with Meta Tags

There are many search engines out there but most of the time, site owners care about getting their site indexed on the almighty Google. One way to perform better on the search engine is to use meta robot tags.

The meta robot tag is a consensus meta tag among search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The use of the meta tag is to let web developers have accessibility control for web pages, against search engine crawlers. For instance, something like noindex will prevent all robots from the search engines from putting your web page in their index.

how to control google index using meta tags

Google’s own robot is called Googlebot. In this post we will see how we address Googlebot exclusively through meta tags.

Addressing Googlebot

To address Googlebot, specify the meta name as googlebot instead of just robots. This example will prevent Googlebot from putting your web page in their index but still allow bots from Bing and Yahoo to crawl the page. Thus your web pages may still appear in Bing and Yahoo search results.

 <meta name="googlebot" content="noindex"> 

Google has a number of special robots that crawl through different kinds of content such as Image, News, Video, Ads and Mobile. Google allows you to block these robots individually. If you do not want your website to appear in Google Mobile search results, for example, you can specify the meta robot tag this way:

 <meta name="googlebot-mobile" content="noindex"> 

The full list of Google bot types can be found in the Google’s Website Crawlers page.

Prevent Image Indexing

It’s a real irritating when you find your copyrighted image used by someone else without your prior permission. If you want to minimize this from happening, you can prevent Google from putting your images on their index.

Specify the meta robot tag with the value of noimageindex. This will prevent the robot from indexing all the images in the page and your images will not appear in Google Image Search results, which is where people usually search for images.

 <meta name="googlebot" content="noimageindex"> 

Alternatively, you can set the meta name as googlebot-image to specifically prevent Google’s robots from crawling your site for images.

 <meta name="googlebot-image" content="noimageindex"> 

Prevent Translating

Google Chrome offers the translation of a site in foreign language to the visitor’s favorite or local language, with the help of Google Translate. While Google Translate translation is getting better, it’s far from perfect for some languages. The translation output could sometimes be really quirky.

If you don’t want Google to translate your web pages, set the googlebot meta with the value of notranslate, like so.

 <meta name="googlebot" content="notranslate"> 

If you want to prevent a certain section of the page from being translated, you can add the notranslate class within the element wrapping the content:

 <div class="notranslate"> <!-- the content --> </div> 

Google will ignore this <div> completely.

Prevent Indexing After A Specified Time

You can also prevent Google from indexing your web pages after certain period of time. This will be particularly useful for web pages which are only relevant within a timeframe, such as an event registration page, for example.

In this case, you probably want to tell the robot to not crawl and index this page after the event has ended, thereby preventing it from showing up in Google’s search results.

To do this, specify the meta tag with the value of unavailable_after then followed by the time info. The time format should comply with the RFC-850 format, for example: Thursday, 26-Sep-14 10:00:00 UTC

 <meta name="googlebot" content="unavailable_after: Monday, 29-Sep-14 10:00:00 UTC"> 

Giving the above example, Google robot will not crawl the page after 29-Sep-14. The page will eventually disappear from the index, yet you can still retain the page for archiving in your website.

Alfred turns your iPad or iPhone into a remote control for your Mac

A new app available the iOS App Store today will let you configure your iPhone or iPad as a kind of supercharged remote control for your Mac. Called Alfred Remote, it essentially offers you multiple panels of buttons to do things like launch apps, control iTunes, turn on your screen saver, perform custom searches, paste text snippets, and much nerdier things if you put your mind to it. It’s $ 4.99 and it’s designed to be paired with Alfred for the Mac, a free app with an in-app upgrade of £17 (around $ 25 US).

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How to control symmetry in a portrait in 3 steps

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In terms of sci-fi fantasy portraits, symmetry is very important. Heroes and heroines need to be attractive and have heroic proportions to their features. Symmetry plays a large part in dividing the face into the ideal classical proportions that represent beauty as well as indicating other desirable traits. Symmetry becomes difficult when the head is tilted away from the viewer, but as long as the face is equally divided in the correct proportions the desired effect can still be maintained. This is where the artist’s skill with perspective and foreshortening will be tested.

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DreamQii’s Plexidrone for Filmmakers : Swarm control, autonomous flight and more from the brand’s latest drone

DreamQii's Plexidrone for Filmmakers

Drones have been a hot topic recently—and rightfully so. Outside of the dialogue surrounding the legality of buzzing around New York City or National Parks, the new generation of affordable and feature-packed quad-copters are enormously powerful tools for filmmakers. We recently used…

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New Wacom styluses promise fine-detail control

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The Bamboo Stylus Fineline offers 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity Yet to find an iPad stylus that can accurately replicate the experience of notetaking, sketching and drawing with a real pen and paper? Then two new styluses from Wacom aimed specifically at iPad users might just be the answer to your prayers.

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NASA is building an air traffic control system for drones

NASA is developing an air traffic control system for drones. The New York Times reports the US space agency is working on creating a management system for vehicles that fly at around 400 to 500 feet off the ground — much lower than conventional aircraft — at its Moffett Field base around four miles from Google’s Mountain View headquarters. The system would check for other low-flying drone traffic, help the small unmanned vehicles avoid buildings, and scan for adverse weather conditions that might knock a drone out of the sky.

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World Health Organization chief says latest ebola outbreak is moving too fast to control

In a speech to three countries hit hard by an ebola outbreak, the director of the World Health Organization today said that efforts to halt the spread of the deadly virus have not been good enough“This is an unprecedented outbreak accompanied by unprecedented challenges. And these challenges are extraordinary,” WHO Director General Margaret Chan told leaders of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone in a speech in Guinea’s capital city Conakry. “This outbreak is moving faster than our efforts to control it. If the situation continues to deteriorate, the consequences can be catastrophic in terms of lost lives but also severe socioeconomic disruption and a high risk of spread to other countries,” she warned.

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Russia has lost control of a gecko sex experiment in space

67 years ago, the US sent fruit flies into space inside a V-2 rocket to see if they could survive the radiation. Thus began a long and storied history of bringing animals off planet to explore what happens when gravity disappears. One of the latest: a Russian satellite called Foton-M No. 4 that was launched into orbit last week containing fruit flies once again. But this time there were also five geckos, whose sex lives were going to be studied on camera — for science. That was until one of the engines controlling the satellite stopped responding to ground commands that were trying to raise the vessel into a higher orbit.

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Design Inspiration: iOS 8 Mission Control

An interesting concept for the direction iOS 8 might take. I particularly like the different set of functions chosen for the multitasking menu.

This design was featured on Friday 11th of July 2014. It’s designed by Bill Labus, and falls under the category of iPhone App.

If you’d like, you can visit this site, or view all our other featured designs.

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Interface design will change the way you control your TV

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vimeo: 99184672 There’s a number of ways in which you can design an iOS interface but it essentially boils down to one thing – the better the balance between functionality and aesthetics, the better the experience for the user. Here, Paris based designer Matthieu Boulet has crafted an interface to change the way you control your TV.

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