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40 High Quality Decorative Corner Brushes For Free Download

Here we are presenting a fine compilation of 40 free high quality decorative corner Photoshop brushes sets for your free download. Photoshop brushes is one of the most useful tools of Photoshop that save time and make your work easier. Therefore, designers spend lots of work in finding out useful and high quality Photoshop brush sets that will be useful for them.

Here is the complete collection of 40 free high quality decorative corner Photoshop brushes sets for you. We hope that you will like this collection and find these brush sets useful as well. Enjoy!

Decorative Fractal Brushes

Ornaments curls photoshop brushes

Decorative Brushes

Zummerfish’s Acrylic Brushes for Photoshop

Free Decorative Brushes


Fantasy Vines Leaf Photoshop Brushes

Decorative Brushes

Arabic brushes

Decorative Brushes 13

Decorative Swirl Frame Brushes

Snowflake type things

Decorative Brushes 01

Border Brushes Decorative

Decorative Brushes

Assorted Vintage Brushes 2

Decorative Brushes 04

Guilloche Brushes

Corners 151432 R33

Ornament Free Brush Pack

Corners Brushes 27894325

Corners 752

Photo Corners

Masks Brushes For Photoshop

Frames Brush set

Frames Brush set

Valentine’s Day Corners

Free Roses Corners Brushes

Free Roses Corners Brushes

10 Flourish Ornaments Brushes

10 Flourish Ornaments Brushes

Swirls And Twirls – Brushes

Flowers and Leaves Corners

Flower Decoration Brushes

Flower Decoration Brushes

8 Corners Brushes


Chinese Decor Brushes

Easter Text

Deco Fractal Brushes

5 Floral Brushes – Photoshop CS3

Vintage Frame Brushes

Shiny Flowers 1

Summer Theme Corners

One corner of Michigan changed the course of American pizza

In a weird way, Detroit has changed modern pizza more than New York or Chicago. Not the style — the thin crust versus deep dish debate will roll on for ages more — but the delivery. It turns out the founders of both Domino’s and Little Caesars are from the same slice of Michigan, although, as Bloomberg Businessweek reports, the paths they took after that diverged wildly. Both went on to found pizza empires: Domino’s is the second largest in the country, and Little Caesars is the third, both behind Pizza Hut. But now, Domino’s founder Tom Monaghan has given away his vast fortune and found religion. Little Caesars founder Mike Ilitch is spending millions to give the Detroit Tigers, which he bought from Monaghan, a World Series win. How…

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A Look Into: CSS Border Corner Shape

We have been seeing several new CSS3 features that are widely implemented, such as Rounded Corner, Box Shadow, and Text Shadow, just to name a few. Still, there are several features that are experimental, such as what we are going to discuss in this post: Border Corner Shape.

Border Corner Shape allows us to manipulate element corners further. While we can create rounded corners by using border-radius, the Border Corner Shape allows us to form beveled corners, scoop-style corners, and rectangle-notch corners.

How to Use it

We use border-corner-shape to define the shape. At the time of the writing, it accepts four predefined shapes with the following values: curve, scoop, bevel, and notch – it is also proposed that we use cubic-bezier for forming custom shape (see the proposal here).

It is worth noting that the border-corner-shape only declares the shape, while the length of the shape is specified using the border-radius property. So, to be able to see the result, when forming the shape these two properties should be declared together.

 .box { background-color: #3498DB; border-corner-shape: scoop; border-radius: 30px; width: 200px; height: 200px; } 

Given the example of the above style rules, we will get a result as shown in the following screenshot.

Let’s take a look at one more example. This time we specify the corner shape to bevel, and set the border radius for 50% except in the bottom right corner, as follows.

 .box { background-color: #3498DB; border-corner-shape: bevel; border-radius: 50% 50% 0% 50%; width: 200px; height: 200px; } 

The above style rules will give us the following result.

It is quite fascinating, isn’t it?

Thing to Note

Sadly, as I said earlier, the border-corner-shape property is experimental, and has not been implemented in any of the current browsers. So, it is not (yet) applicable. But, you can preview the demo, and play with the property syntax from this app, created by Lea Verou.

What do you thing of this CSS feature? Do you want to see it implemented in the future? Are there any cases that this property can be very useful? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Interview: Sam Walton of Hole & Corner: A British magazine that celebrates the kind of quiet, dedicated craftsmanship that rarely gets indulgent editorial

Interview: Sam Walton of Hole & Corner

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