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Metazz: metal albums redesigned with a vintage jazz cover style

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What if metal band commissionned the same designers as sixties/seventies jazz bands and asked them to work in the same style? Looking at these visual, it looks like it’s what happened. Brazilian graphic designer Rafa Melandi experimented with a mash-up of trends that gives excellent results. I don’t think metal rock fans would be delighted […]

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This harrowing magazine cover is unlike any you’ve seen before

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The cover was designed by advertising agency Leo Burnett

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50 classic video game cover art redesigns

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Video games often serve as the perfect inspiration for an illustration, and it often seems like every designer has at least one reinterpretation of a video game cover in their portfolio, but this project wins the prize for sheer volume.

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“Collector’s Edition” Artist Cover Bomb Series: Graphic designer Stuart Tolley invites artists including Sir Paul McCartney and photographer Alec Soth to redesign his book for a limited edition auction series

Published in September, British design studio director and graphic designer Stuart Tolley’s book “Collector’s Edition” showcases some of the most mind-blowing and unusual limited edition graphic design and packaging ever made for books, music……

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9 Online Sites To Create Your Own Magazine Cover

Who doesn’t want to be featured on the cover of a magazine and be considered a celebrity? You may think that this is an impossible thing but it’s actually within reach. How so? Well, you don’t need Photoshop skills or a particular software. You can actually find yourself on the cover of your favorite magazine with the help of online tools.

There are a plenty of them available for free that allow you to add your photo to the magazine cover of your choice in no time. Below you’ll find 9 of the best online tools to create a custom magazine cover of yourself in a few steps. Whether it’s Esquire or Times Magazine, take a look at the tools and see what strikes your fancy. Maybe you could even use it them to pull a prank on your friends.


Fakeazine gives you the opportunity to become the star on the cover from a selection of over a 100 magazines. You can upload a photo and then adjust it by zooming in and out, dragging it as you need to and even change the background color. Once you’re done, you’ll get a code to share this magazine cover via your social networks, forums, etc.


ToolShell gives you a choice of 20 different magazine covers for your picture of choice. Upload a photo and choose a cover you like – that’s it! Most of the covers are quite feminine though. One thing I like about this is that it gives you the opportunity to choose between 9 languages.


Here’s another option if you’re looking at personalizing a magazine cover for yourself. You can pick from titles like Vogue, TIME, More, Make Up and many others. Just choose a cover you like and upload the image that you’d like. After that, you may need to drag, resize, or crop the image to fit the magazine cover and typography best.


MyPictureOnMagazine is another simple magazine cover creation tool. The dropdown menu when choosing your magazine cover makes things easy for you. You’ll find magazine covers listed under categories such as travel, hiphop, business, player, web and fashion just to name a few.


PhotoFunia is an online service allowing you to adjust your photos, create a postcard, add funny faces, drawings, frames to your images, and add your photo to a magazine cover. Instead of just having a generic magazine cover featuring your image, this service lets you incorporate the magazine into photos of real life settings. Thus, elevating your status even further in a way.


BigHugeLabs gives you a couple of options when it comes to uploading your photo. You can choose to do so from your computer, Instagram, Facebook, or from your Flickr photostream. Moreover, with this tool, you can select your magazine layout, title, tagline, publication date, and more. To top it off, you can even use this to create a postcard.


Photomica is an online photo editor that has a range of features. You can add cool photo effects, insert your face (or someone else’s) into a funny photo or postcard, design Facebook covers, and create a magazine cover using your own image. The choices for the magazine covers are limited but they do cover the more popular ones like Maxim, Vogue and Forbes amongst others.


This service is quite similar to Fakeazine which was mentioned earlier on. It works in the same way Just upload a picture you’d like to use, choose the cover template, and save it. There you have it, your own magazine cover.

Funny Photo

Funny Photo lets you play around with various photo effects, frames, postcard and collage templates to enhance your image and create your very own personal proof of stardom. Moreover, it has a photo editor which can help you retouch a photo before using it. You’ll find a range of magazine covers including a few of the more modern ones.

20 gorgeous magazine cover designs

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The magazine cover has the super power to make your customers make or break their decision to purchase. As the marketplace in today’s scenario is very competitive, the whole look and feel of your cover affects the decision of your customers. Hence your magazine cover should be visually striking with beautiful images and creative design. […]

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Web Design Kitchen. Tasty Facebook Cover Tutorial

This is what we call a ‘design from a scratch’. Go find out how we baked muffins and designed an amazing Facebook cover. Free files included.

Last night on ‘Doctor Who,’ a mummy in space and weird Queen cover songs

“Start the clock.” 66, 65, 64, 63, 62, 61, 60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51,…

For this season of Doctor Who, Ross Miller and Kwame Opam will be sounding off on each episode in a series of emails we’ll be publishing on the site. This week it’s “Kill the Moon” (warning: spoilers ahead). Check out our previous recaps: “Deep Breath,” “Into the Dalek,” “Robots of Sherwood,” “Listen,” “Time Heist,” “The Caretaker,” and “Kill the Moon.”

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The secrets behind net mag’s embroidered WordPress cover

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Twins Maricor and Maricar create embroidered illustrations, lettering and animations that look like paintings. Maricor explains how the hand-sewn WordPress logo on this month’s net magazine cover was put together.

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Create beautiful cover art with this custom graphics generator

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Spanish studio TwoPoints.Net has designed a flexible identity system for music playlist website Tonangeber.

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