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US creates centralized cybersecurity agency following Sony attack

The White House today will announce the creation of a new agency tasked with thwarting cyberattacks by sharing intelligence across other agencies in the event of a crisis, the Washington Post reports. The new Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC) will be formally unveiled at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC later today. The unit will be created as part of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and will start off with a staff of about 50 people and a budget of $ 35 million, officials tell the Post.

The idea is to apply lessons learned after the September 11th terrorist attacks — which were blamed, in part, on intelligence failures — to the realm of cybersecurity. The new agency will be structured like the…

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Web developer creates coolest side project, ever

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Coding isn’t just for pushing pixels, as we discover when we chatted with developer Nathaniel Deal, from Atlanta. Deal is an avid coder, hacker, and maker and he focussed all of his tech skills to on one cool project: an automated Nerf Gun. 

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Eliska Podzimkova creates new worlds by adding illustrations to photos of New York

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Based in New York, Czech illustrator Eliska Podzimkova likes to draw on every day life scenes photos to add some peotry to it. On her AnimateNY Instagram account, you can follow her drawings to get some drawings that will make you smile on a regular basis. Giant animals, skiing cartoons, camera heads,… most of her […]

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Studio Visit: Sculptor Matt Kinney: From his live/work space in Beacon, NY, the carpenter and artist creates wooden pieces that brilliantly trick the eye

Studio Visit: Sculptor Matt Kinney

by Janine M. Stankus

In the sun-splayed parlor of his partially renovated 1850s home, Matt Kinney’s artwork mingles with tools of his craft. Paint buckets, sliced and with wood medallions at their mouths, lean beneath a bench strewn with chisels……

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Form Us With Love for IKEA: The Stockholm design studio creates the durable and cutting-edge “Janinge” range for the Swedish powerhouse

Form Us With Love for IKEA

Stockholm’s Form Us With Love—while being one of the most established of design companies in the Scandinavian design landscape—is still very young compared to its peers, being founded in 2005. Yet its reputation as one of…

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East London’s White Lyan Cocktail Bar: Few brands are found in this venue that creates their own house spirits

East London's White Lyan Cocktail Bar

London’s appreciation of a good cocktail can easily be traced back to 1891, but right now the craft resurgence is at a new high point: solid offerings continue to pop up across the metropolitan with an array of well-made classic and neo-classic…

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Student creates award-winning animation using free 3D software

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vimeo: 103437078 If you watch one thing today, make it this charming animated short My Big Brother by Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) student Jason Rayner. As the title suggests, this beautiful story tells the tale of two brothers, one of whom is not only biologically older but physically gigantic.

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Cool Hunting Video: 27 Robots: Josue Maldonaldo sculpts cars by day and creates imaginative musical creatures by night

Cool Hunting Video: 27 Robots

Not unlike the laboratory of a mad scientist, Josue Maldonaldo’s gadget-filled studio on the outskirts of Detroit is full of odd and fascinating creations. By day, Maldonaldo sculpts life-sized model cars for Ford, but by night, he creates his very own artwork…

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Artist creates stunning transit map for Game of Thrones

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Winterfell, Kingslanding and more feature on the transit maps

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