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Interview: Designer Hugo Passos: Discussing the importance of functionality and purpose in furniture creation

Interview: Designer Hugo Passos

By Adam Coghlan

At 32, Hugo Passos is one of London’s most exciting young designers. With a refreshing purity of purpose, he exists slightly outside creative London’s esoteric clique.

“When I was growing up, Portugal was a traditional place……

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10 useful resources for Facebook game creation

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Today, here we have 10 useful resources for Facebook game creation. You can now build your own games and applications by going through the listed tutorials. Let’s have a look at them below. 1. Developing HTML5 Canvas Games for Facebook with JavaScript – Part 1 Create your own Facebook game with ease via this amazing […]

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Bringing CGI creation to the masses

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It probably isn’t news to anyone reading this site, but it bears repeating: CGI innovation is advancing at an incredible rate. The marriage of extraordinary creativity in the professional community with the technology capable of transforming ideas into reality has led us to push the boundaries of what we previously thought was possible. From Hummingbird to Jurassic Park to Toy Story and right up through Gravity and Guardians of the Galaxy, the innovation in CGI (and the technology supporting it) has accelerated in such a way that one can only dream of what the future holds.

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Super Premium Typography Creation Kit 2: Thousands of Items worth $3,250 ? Only $34

inkydealsInky Deals is one of the leading deals websites in the design community, with an extended family of more than 300,000 design enthusiasts. It's the place to go if you want to buy premium resources at unbeatable prices, whether you're a graphic or web designer, developer, or business owner looking to improve yourself and your […]
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Black Crescent’s Boozy Five Dollar Shake: A rich, new cocktail creation from NYC’s Lower East Side

Black Crescent's Boozy Five Dollar Shake

A new drink is gracing the menu of NYC’s cocktail and oyster bar Black Crescent, and there isn’t really anything else out there like it. This new creation from celebrated bartender Michael Reynolds (who’s also one…

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Easy Keys Creation Myths: The Story of Beer: A distrubingly wild fictional adventure of animals, revelry and consumption

Easy Keys Creation Myths: The Story of Beer

Easy Keys’ new book “The Story of Beer” is a rollicking tale in which readers will find a giant banjo-playing bear clad in white briefs and sporting deer antlers….

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Speed up your workflow with enhanced 3D content creation tool

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Today, leading software developer The Foundry released the latest version of its popular 3D content creation tool Modo.

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Prototype: streamlining font creation

Prototypo is an open-source online typeface editor: start shaping a complete typeface using sliders, then refine spacing and outlines.

The project still has 14 days to go on Kickstarter at the time of writing this article, and it has already been funded.

In my opinion, the main problem with this project is that it looks a bit too promising and will probably end up to be disappointing (I hope I’m wrong though). The other problems, the legions of horrible typefaces that will be designed with the tool it it’s that simple to use.




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Free Book PSD Mockups, Comic Book PSD Creation Kit + Tutorials

Need a spectacular presentation for your creative work? Get it for free with our book and comic PSD mockups plus tutorials as the form of pleasant bonus to the above.

Kapital Creation: A Beijing State of Mind: An upcoming film explores the juxtaposition of unbridled economic development and burgeoning creativity in the city

Kapital Creation: A Beijing State of Mind

Urbanization is a major global issue, but nowhere more pressing and extreme than in China. The country’s urban population is expected to hit one billion over the next decade, according to the World Bank. Alongside unprecedented economic development and resource consumption, China has…

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